NBA player Draymond Green shared a very personal and inappropriate photo early Sunday, July 31st. The Golden State Warriors player snapped a photo of his erect penis and first claimed to have accidentally shared the pic on Snapchat. The photo was posted several minutes before Draymond claims he was notified of the dirty pic, which he immediately took down. But not before the damage was already done, with a large number of fans taking screenshots and sharing the photo.

Green backtracks on penis post excuse

Green stated on Twitter that his Snapchat had been hacked, however, this is a fairly lame excuse because according to experienced Snap chatters, previously existing photos cannot be snapchatted they must be taken at the moment.

So a big, or small whoopsie for Draymond Green, just face the music dude, the deed is done and the photo is already out there forever.

NBA penis pics make new again

This is the second NBA player's penis pictures and in this case live video to make the news in the past year. In June of 2015, the now Cleveland Cavaliers Champion LeBron James suffered an unfortunate, and at the time unknown penis flash when he was caught adjusting his shorts in a team timeout huddle when a camera caught James in an embarrassing moment on live television. Not purposely done, but the LeBron James live penis shot was heard (and seen) all around the world.

Draymond arrested

Green, some say, loves drama and when it makes the news, even more.

Last month the NBA baller made the news after he was arrested for assault after he slapped an annoying heckler following the Warriors' loss of the championship to the Cavs. It looks as if the 2017 NBA Championship Games could show fans a repeat of 2016 if all goes as some sports specialists are predicting, which will make for some very interesting games if history repeats.

Then again, anything and everything can happen in the NBA and one thing is for sure, NBA fans will not be bored. Okay NBA and celebrity news fans, let us hear what you think about Draymond Green's naughty penis pic. Accidental or regretful?