Sofia Vergara is pregnant! New reports claim that the Modern Family star is expecting her first baby with new husband Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello. The couple, who were married last November in Palm Beach could very well be expanding their new family late this fall.

It's still a secret!

While Joe and Sofia are not talking just yet it has been reported that sources close to the couple have informed celebrity news site Showbiz Spy that is happening.

This news should not come as much of a shock to fans because both Manganiello and Vergara have openly spoke out on the subject of children, revealing that they have been actively trying to conceive the couple's first child together.

Can you just imagine what a beautiful baby Sofia and Joe will have, with their great looks the kid is sure to be a major heartbreaker from day one!

Sofia recently shared a sweet picture of herself and husband Joe where it looks as if a tiny baby bump maybe poking out just a bit. Some are taking this photo as an unspoken confirmation from the couple.

Will a baby impact Sofia's role on 'Modern Family?'

Again, Joe and Sofia have not confirmed anything, yet. But, like most couples they may be choosing to keep the news private for as long as possible, but in another month or so there will be no denying it. We just now wonder how Sofia's potential pregnancy may play out on the upcoming season ofModern Family.

Could there be a new baby story line written in for Jay and Gloria? If so how will baby Joe handle another sibling, better yet how will the aging Jay cope with the idea of possibly raising yet another baby?

More celebrity baby news, baby Clooney, and Lambert/Eastman on the way too?

It appears as if it is babyseason with many Hollywood celebrity couples, as recently reported, there has been speculation that George Clooney and wife Amal Alamuddin may also be expecting their first child, and let's not forget talk of country star Miranda Lambert and boyfriend Anderson East possibly expecting also.

Out of all three of these couples which would you most like to see have a baby, and who would you say would make the best parents?

We are pulling for all three couples, mainly, Clooney, who at 55 years old is the oldest of the above mentioned.