We met Evil Dick, Dick Donatoon Big Brother 8. He was opinionated, loud, obnoxious, funny, lovable, and totally won America over. He is that pain that you can't help but love. He returned for Big Brother 13 but was eliminated by the production team after his HIV test came back positive.

On Big Brother 16 we met Cody Calafiore. He teamed up with Derrick Levasseur early on in that season and they were "ride or die" until the end. Cody took Derrick to the final 2 knowing that Derrick had more votes from the jury and that he would be left to come in 2nd place.

This season on Big Brother 18 we have the controversial younger brother of Cody, Paulie Calafiore. He was winning the game early on. Julie Chen had said in an interview that he was her pick to win the game and he was playing even better than Cody had. Well, that has all changed. Paulie's game is totally blown up, arguably the worst game blow-up in Big Brother history.

Donatouses Twitter to speak his mind

We can always count on Dick Donatoto give us his honest opinion and he used his Twitter account to do just that. Under his name of "EvelDick" he has stated just how bad he feels Paulie is doing in the Big Brothergame. He was vocal on his thoughts on the way Paulie was treating women in the house and his cockiness in general.

When Paulie began to fall apart when he was nominated, realizing he no longer controlled the house, Evel Dick was on his keyboard posting his thoughts.

Daddy Calafiore takes on Evel Dick

Paul Calafiore, Cody and Paulie's father, is also on Twitter and contacted Evel Dick. Dad showed with his tweets that he is standing behind his sons no matter what and feels no wrong has been done.

He has left many on social media saying "like father, like son"due tohis comments.

The two had a long, at times x-rated, battle. There were accusations by Evel Dick that Cody had filmed a sexual act with a woman without her knowledge of the tape, which Dad denies. Donato evenreplayed the trail of eventsbetween Zakiyah and Paulie as well as Paulie bragging to the other Big Brother houseguests on the live feeds.

Evel Dick has now blocked Paul Calafiore on Twitter and is on the look out for fake accounts trying to contact him in case it is Dad again. Paulie's presence in the Big Brother house has led to more controversy than anyone could have imagined.