Andrea Tantaros surfaces for the first time since the interview revealing that she too was a victim of Roger Ailes sexual harassment. The TheFox News analyst has remained quiet across her social network sitesfor the last week or so, but Andrea Tantaros surfaced on Tuesday to condemn the injustice about to unfold. In typical Tantarosform, she is letting folks know that she is livid over the event about to take place. Herheart is with people suffering today from the senseless deaths of their loved ones who died trying to capture the 15 terrorists who are about to be released from Guantanamo Bay.

Adding insultto injury

Tantaros is talking about the families who lost loved ones capturing the group of 15 extremely dangerous terrorists who have now been approved for release from Gitmo and in turn putting everyone in harm's way today. On Andrea's Twitter page she posts a blurb from USA Today announcing that the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay will soon cut loose these very dangerousdetainees now that the Obama administration has approved their release.

Deemed 'dangerous'

It was Obama's ownGitmo Review Boardthat stated these terrorists were "deemed too dangerous to transfer," writes Tantaros. So instead of a transfer, they are going to be set free? The Fox News personality posted a collage of the terrorists' mugshots on her Twitter page calling them "theworst of the worst" among the terrorists in the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, facility.

Using all capitol letters for her one word description of what the Obama administration is about to do, Andrea calls this latest approved release "UNJUSTIFIABLE." You would more than likely to be hard pressed finding people who would disagree with her analysis on this move.

An 'unforgivable' action

This is an "unforgivable" action as there are families across the nation who have lost their loved ones in themilitary as they attempted to track and capture these terroristsand take them out of harm's way.

What was this all for if these 15 terroristsare going to be released in the near future and how long will it take before they mastermind or take part in a terrorist event resulting in more loss of life?

Then what? Send out more military troops to recapture these men who were already securely behind bars today?

It is hard to imagine that these men have changed from "too dangerous to transfer" to "release approval."

Andrea's return to Fox News?

Many of Andrea's fans are asking when she will return to Fox News to share these views with the masses? The answer to that question is unknown. According to the Western Journal, since Andrea reportedly broke a confidentiality clause in her contract by giving that interview about Bill Ailes sexually harassing her, there's a chance she'll be let go. With all the problems Fox News is facing today, they'd be foolish to cut Tantaros loose, as she's such a popular on-air personality.

While Andrea hasn't given a reason for revealing the truth to the public, fans wouldn't expect any less of the Fox News personality, who is all about the truth. That is why she is so trusted and people want to see her on the air!