Caroline Manzo, of 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' and her husband Albert Manzo know a lot about weight loss. In fact the whole 'Manzo'd with Children' clan does. But while they've joined other celebs who'velost a lot of weight, they've gained big tax debt. The state slapped Albert Manzo with a cool $208,000 bill for back taxes on a seedy brownstone he rents as a banquet hall. The RHONJ star also knows little about business sense or building maintenance. The dive is literally falling apart as he continues to profit on what many call a pretty sleazy joint.

Manzo's hubs in hot water

RHONJ Caroline Manzo is something of a minor celebrity chef. She shares recipes and tips from her 20-pound weight loss on her blog. Now the celeb's husband is in the soup over quite a number of lawsuits involving his Patterson, New Jersey brownstone banquet hall. There's the $14,000 owed to an accounting firm, plus $6,000 owed to an elevator company. And don't forget the discrimination lawsuit. This isn't the first time he's has skipped out on paying taxes. In 2004, he reneged on over $100,000 owed and didn't pay that for over a year. Manzo doesn't even keep up with simple repairs as per videos of the brownstone. The "Manzo'd with Children" family seems to be like-minded with other RHONJ stars (Joe and Teresa Guidice, Joe and Melissa Gorga) that reality TV celebrity status equals above the law.

Teresa Guidice got her comeuppance in jail time and there may be an 8 by 8 cell in Manzo's future too.

Manzo clan lost weight and common scruples?

Caroline Manzo has not been named in the brownstone lawsuit but as a spouse, she's arguably involved. It's ironic that the RHONJ family that is known for celebrity weight loss also seems to have lost business scruples.

Caroline's husband Albert has lost weight as has son Albie Manzo. Her daughter Lauren Manzo had lap band surgery to get her weight down.It's ironic too that Caroline hasn't visited Teresa Guidice in jail, when her own husband is skating perilously close to incarceration. Perhaps being in a prison hit a little too close to home.