Nisikant Kamat's new movie Madaari reached the screens today, and interestingly, even the in the midst of heavy competition posed by Rajinis Kabali, this Irfann Khan film has succeeded in impressing the Indian audiences.

The initial responses are all positive in nature, and it is expected to emerge as a decent money spinner at the box-office.

People who have watched this flick are praising Irfan and the director for crafting a film which has pure substance. All the departments in this feature are top notch, let it be acting, directing, music and other technical aspects.

The audiences are comparing this outing with Nana Patikar's Krantiver, as this film is also raw and dark.

After watching the movie, Rahul Dhavan known for planning mass masala entertainers has lauded the crew for giving such an outstanding cinema to Bollywood.

He told that this is an impeccable story which is excellent in all manner, and he praised Kamat for the narration which is grippy. The editing of this flick is crisp, and it has added up the overall pace of it.

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In this film, we can see Khan in the role of a common man named Nirmal. An unexpected natural disaster turns his life upside down, and from then, he started hunting the evil forces who are responsible for it.

The actor has once again proclaimed that he is an asset to the industry, and he has the caliber to pull out roles with ease just like Nasarudin Shah and Anupam Khar.

The director has narrated the proceedings in a fresh way. There is not a second of boredom, and most of the times, the viewers will be sitting on the edge of their seats.

The poignant venture will surely fetch real benefits in the career of Irfan, and there is absolutely no doubt about it.

There were reports of Irfan comparing himself to the great Rajanikant!. But later he cleared the air.

But some critics had something different to say.

The makers are doing all efforts to stop illegal downloads.Madariis a must watch, and it will reveal some bitter truths prevail in front of us.