The Vampire Diaries had a dwindling cast and some fans were concerned about this. However, season 8 will be full of new characters and another one has been added to the list.

Recently, it was announced that Allison Scagliotti will be playing a role in The CW series. However, at the time, viewers were not sure what part the actress would be portraying. Now, there is more information.

It turns out Allison will be playing a woman named Georgie and she sounds very interesting.

Description of Georgie

TVLine reported that Georgie is an occult research intern, but there is a reason she chose that particular field of study.

In her past, Scagliotti's character suffered from a horrific darkness.

This means that like many other TVD characters, Georgie will be haunted by someone or something. However, that is all that was revealed. While many would seek therapy, Georgie drove herself to become involved in the occult. It will force her to confront her past and fears, but is that a good or bad thing?

Georgie's first appearance in 'The Vampire Diaries'

Like many other new characters, Georgie will debut in the season 8 premiere.

During the first episode, TVD fans will also meet Sybil, whom could be a villain or an immortal creature that can save the day. Could Georgie and Sybil, who is an immortal creature with a cruel streak, end up coming face-to-face?

How Georgie may be connected to 'The Vampire Diaries' characters

One question about Georgie is how exactly is she tied in with the other characters of the vampire series? As TVD fans know, Alaric (Matt Davis) was a history teacher and a college professor.

Even though history was his specialty, he did mention the occult during his lectures.

Either this is the connection or the characters will come across Georgie will trying to save Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Enzo (Michael Malarkey) while also finding out information about the creature inside the vault.

What do you think is going to happen with Georgie in The Vampire Diaries?

Is Allison Scagliotti the right actress for the part?