Just last week on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," fans saw Lyfe Jennings dump Karlie Redd in the most amazing way. The singer pulled a retro move from Benzino when he gifted Karlie with a promise ring and then promised not to be bothered with her anymore.

Was Lyfe Jennings breakup with Karlie Redd even real?

When Karlie and Lyfefinally met up on the "LHHATL" screen, Karlie confronted her former boyfriend about rumors that he was married to someone else. Naturally,Lyfe denied the rumors were true and then turned the tables by asking what was up with Scrapp DeLeon.

It's pretty normal for those on contract with VH1 and "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" to keep the real details of their lives quiet until after the episodes have aired. It looks like Lyfe Jennings did just that and now the real details of his relationship status are starting to spill.

It looks like Lyfe has a wife after all

If the Lyfe Jennings marriage rumors are true, the singer is married to a German model named Gwendolyn. Previously Gwendolyn was listed as living in Berlin. However, ever since the breakup of Lyfe and Karlie on "LHHATL," Gwendolyn has made more of her own social media public and it looks like Lyfe Jennings is very much a part of her life.

In addition to changing her home city to Atlanta, Gwendolyn also has quite a few pictures posted and even calls Lyfe her "hubby" in one of them.

To make it look even more like she has married Lyfe Jennings, Gwendolyn changed her last name on LinkedIn from Amberley to Jennings.Now that Lyfe Jennings and Karlie Redd are over and their split has aired on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," it looks like Lyfe and Gwendolyn are happily putting their relationship on display. There are several pictures posted to Gwendolyn's social media now that show her and Lyfe together and hugged up on each other.

On the most recent episode of "Love & Hip Hop Altanta," Karlie confronted Lyfe on set for one of his music videos about some other rumors she had heard. When approaching the set, she realized that the model who was with Lyfe Jennings for the shoot is none other than his rumored new wife Gwendolyn.