Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka's separation has got to be one of the saddest things to happen during Season 5 of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" on VH1. Especially after watching Waka's mom Deb Antney break down in tears at Tammy's fashion show when she tried to talk to her daughter-in-law about the separation.

Waka Flocka wants Tammy Rivera back

Now it looks like things may be looking up for Tammy and Waka after the rapper changed his Twitter picture to something that fans can't stop talking about. Is it possible that Tammy Rivera is pregnant? Waka's new profile picture features a makeup-free Tammy as she holds her belly as if she is cradling a baby bump.

It's no secret that Tammy and Waka were having marriage problems and that Waka even admitted to cheating on Tammy. That said, this isn't the first time the hip-hopcouple has been split over allegations that Waka cheated. Even Tammy said during a recent "LHHATL" episode that infidelity is an on-going problem with Waka and she just can't deal with it anymore.

Ever since making their split public knowledge, Waka Flocka has been working very hard to convince Tammy to take him back. He's posted apologies all over social media and he promised Tammy that he wouldn't cheat anymore. Whether she believes him and takes him back is another story.

The silver lining is that Tammy Rivera might actually be pregnant.

If so, there is a pretty good chance that she and Waka will work things out. The couple had been trying to get pregnant for a few years now and even talked openly about their issues with trying to get pregnant.

Is Tammy pregnant?

If Tammy isn't pregnant and Waka is just messing around, that would be really disappointing. Much like Joseline Hernandez and her recent pregnancy claims.

So far, fans aren't so sure that Joseline is pregnant even though she is making claims that she is and is posting pictures of her "pregnant" belly. The good news is that Tammy and Waka don't tend to play jokes like that though so if Tammy is indeed pregnant, congrats to them both and here's to a happy and healthy nine months!