Amina Buddafly is about to give birth to another "Love & Hip Hop New York" baby. The German-born singer has made it known that she is scheduled to have her new baby next week. Now Peter Gunz has also taken to social media to let everyone know just how excited he is to meet his tenth child.

Amina Buddafly due to have baby Bronx next week

Peter Gunz posted a maternity picture of Amina Buddafly posing with their daughter Cori. In the photo, Cori is kissing Amina's bare pregnant belly. Peter captioned the photo, "Some say it's wrong some say it's sad but I say it's beautiful.

Bronx I can't wait to fall asleep with you on my chest next week."

Amina and Peter are currently separated and not even living close to each other. As a matter of fact, after the last "Love & Hip Hop New York" reunion when Amina revealed her pregnancy, she also left Peter and moved to Los Angeles. In the meantime, Amina also revealed that she's still sleeping with Peter when he comes to town but that the married couple are not together and that she will file for divorce when she is ready. It's unclear if Amina has plans to return to the hit VH1 reality show or not.

Peter Gunz still double-dipping with Amina and Tara

Back home in New York City, Peter Gunz hasn't made any secrets about his relationship with his other baby mama as well.

Peter is still receiving heavy criticism for stringing Amina along while still having a secret (or now not-so-secret) relationship with Tara Wallace at the same time.While Amina Buddafly single parents Cori in Los Angeles and deals with her own pregnancy at the same time, Peter has been seen out at several club promotions with Tara.

It has also previously been revealed that Peter and Tara are also still carrying on their relationship.

Most fans are still scratching their heads, wondering how both Amina and Tara still put up with the whole "Sister Wives" situation that Peter keeps putting them in. In the meantime, Peter is happily celebrating the birth of another daughter with Amina Buddafly. We're still waiting to see if Tara Wallace will congratulate her on the birth of baby Bronx.