Tammy Rivera and Erica Dixon are definitely not best friends and now their animosity has spilled over onto social media. Tammy and Erica have been trading jabs on Instagram for a couple of days now. It seems that the underlying theme of the newest "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" feud is all about friendship and loyalty.

Erica Dixon wants to know why Tammy Rivera is not her friend

It makes sense that Tammy and Erica aren't close. After all, Tammy Rivera is best friends with Bambi Benson. Its never been a secret that Bambi and Erica don't see eye to eye.

EspeciallyafterBambi admitted that she may have wanted to pop Erica a time or two in a Season 5 confessional earlier in the season.Erica responded to Bambi's confession that she didn't really like her and that she may have even put hands on her if she didn't like her daughter so much. Erica essentially dared Bambi to do it but that drama died right there.

This new "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" drama started when Erica Dixon posted a video to Instagram where she was questioning why Tammy Rivera didn't want to be friends with her. She even went so far as to question why Tammy gave her such a hard time and called her out for taking sides and refusing to be friends because of Bambi.

Tammy Rivera has since responded.

Naturally, she also made a video and posted it to Instagram because no one can just communicate with each other anymore. They have to do it all in front of the world even though Erica Dixon isn't even on "LHHATL" anymore and she claims it was because she didn't want to be.

Tammy responds, sparking new 'LHHATL' beef

In any case, Tammy quoted some "guilt by association" stuff but what it boils down to is that Tammy picked sides.

Erica and Bambi don't get along and Tammy is best friends with Bambi. Those two hang out way beyond "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" so it's surprising that Erica Dixon would even wonder why Tammy doesn't want to be her friend.

Do you think Tammy is right to rebuff Erica simply because she is great friends with Bambi? Tell us what you think of this "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" feud in the comments section.