Penny, aka Dr. Penelope Blake, first appeared on Grey's Anatomy on one of the most emotional episodes of the show to date.Dr. Derek Shepherd's death episode rivaled the episode where fan favorite, George O'Malley, passed away.

Penny's first appearance on the show

Penny made her first appearance on Grey's Anatomy during season 11 episode 21, "How to Save a Life." In the episode, Derek Shepherd was rushed to a rural hospital after being hit by a semi. Pennywas one of the doctors at the hospital and took part in the wrong tests being run and the proper diagnosiswas missed until itwas too late.

Meredith showed up to the hospital and eventually had to make the decision to remove Derek from life support. Penny made an effort to talk directly to Meredith and tell her that shefailed her.Most barely noticed Penny in this episode and surely never expected to see her again.

Penny's new role

Penny made a reappearance in the show during season 12 episode 5, "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner."Meredith hosted a dinner party at her house and invited all her friends from the hospital. Dr. Arizona Robbins was very anxious about meeting her ex-girlfriend. When the doorbell rang, Meredith went to answer and had sudden flashbacks of Derek's deathwhen she found Penny standing on her doorstep. Penny was Callie's new girlfriend.

Penny continued her role in the show as Grey Sloan Memorial's newest resident. At first Meredith and Derek's sister, Amelia, were downright outraged with her presence, but eventually grew to accept her. Now Penny is rocking the boat again as she has won the coveted Preminger Grant and will be moving to New York for a year. In last week's episode we learned Callie had decided to move to New York with Penny and plans on taking her and Arizona's daughter, Sofia.

This has angered many fans and many would like to see Penny go for good.

How do you feel about Dr. Penelope Blake? Do you feel it was a mistake adding her to the show as a regular? Do you think it's time for Penny to make her exit, and her winning the Preminger Grant is the perfect door out of the show? Leave your feedback in the comments below and tune in to watch the next episode Thursday at 8/7c.