Sister Wives season seven is set to premiere this Sunday, May 8th, 2016. Season seven is expected to cover how the family is dealing with Meri's catfishing scandal. The polygamist family was shocked when they learned first wife Meri Brown had been having an emotional affair online. Even more shocking was the fact the person she was falling in love with was not a man, but a woman named Jackie Overton. Overton tricked Meri into believing she was a man named Samuel Jacob Cooper.

Emotional affair

Meri adamantly denies everhaving a physical relationship with Samuel.

In order for this to have happened, Overton would have had to find a man to pose as Samuel, which makes Meri's statement fairly believable. While the affair was not physical, it was emotional. Overton produced several voicemails from Meri where she stated that she loved him (Samuel). Meri kept the affair secret from her family and states that Overton threatened her and her family.

Who was at fault?

Fans of the show have opposing opinions as to who should be blamed for the affair. Many blame Meri, stating she has wanted to leave the polygamist marriage for quite some time and has been looking for a way out. They believe that when Kody legally divorced Meri so he could marry fourth wife Robyn Brown and adopt Robyn's children, Meri saw this as the opening to leave and disconnected from the family.

Meri only has one child with Kody and she is grown and no longer in the house, leaving Meri with lots of free time when Kody is with one of his other three wives.

Others believe that Kody is at fault for the affair. They believe Kody only wants to be with Robyn and ignores and neglects his other three wives. Many believe that had Kody been more attentive to Meri the affair would have never happened.

Depending on the week, with Kody's nightly rotation between wives, Meri only has him one to two nights every week leaving her with plenty of time to wander. Many feel Kody is at fault for letting her slip so far away that not only did she have the time to fall in love with someone else, but he didn't even know it was going on.

Who do you feel was at fault for the affair? Do you believe Meri is responsible for her own actions or that Kody is to blame for letting her slip away? Leave your feedback in the comments below and tune in to the two-hourpremiere episode of season seven on Sunday, at 8/7c on TLC.