As the end of season 12 of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy nears its end, so do the contracts of four of Grey Sloan Memorial’s most well-known doctors. In 2014, Sara Ramirez, James Pickens Jr., Chandra Wilson and Justin Chambers who play Callie Torres, Richard Weber, Miranda Bailey and Alex Karev respectively, all signed contracts extending their time on the show for two years. That means all four of their contracts expirethis year after season 12.

Alex Karev

So far, Justin Chambers is the only actor of the four that has confirmed he will be returning for another two years.

When asked by a fan on Twitter if he would be returning for season 13, he replied, "Oh yeah!!!" Fans will be excited to hear the sexy, smart and soft-hearted doctor will be returning for another season.

Richard Weber and Miranda Bailey

As Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial, it seems very unlikely that Miranda Bailey will be leaving the show. The show has recently focused in great detail on Miranda and her husband Ben's relationship during a two-hour special of episodes 18 and 19 that aired on April 14. Although there is tension in their marriage, it doesn't seem like their differences are too large to overcome.

It wouldn't surprise many if Richard Weber did not return. He has been with Grey's Anatomy since season one, episode one, but recently seems to have lost his purpose now that he is no longer Chief of Surgery. Lately it seems that Richard roams around the hospital meddling in others' business. He is the old, wise man people go to for advice, but he no longer seems to play a vital role in the show.

Callie Torres

Given the most recent episode of Grey's Anatomy and the synopses of the episodes to come, it appears Callie Torres is the most likely candidate to not return to the show. Callie's girlfriend, Penny, was recently awarded a grant that will require her to move to New York for a year. In the last episode, Callie made the decision to go to New York with Penny.

It doesn't seem like the show would follow Penny and Callie around in New York for a year, which is leading many to question if she will be coming back next season.

What do you think about the four characters in question? Do you think any of them are not coming back? Are there any you wouldn't be sad to see go? Leave your feedback in the comments below.