TLC's Sister Wivesshared a short video today of Robyn preparing Solomon's room for Kody and Robyn's new baby girl. The video was takenprior to newest daughter Ariella Mae's birth.During an interview with Kody and his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, Kody shared that at least one child from every wife doesn't want him to spend the night at their house.

Sharing the bed

Robyn shared that being a polygamist makes it hard to kick your kids out of the bed. Because Kody is at each wife's house every fourth night, the other three nights the wives are alone in their beds, so they allow their younger kids to share the bed with them.

Janelle's daughter Savannah, Christine's daughter Mykelti, Meri's daughter Mariah, and Robyn's son Soloman, have all voiced they would rather Kody not be at the house than give up their spot in bed. Kody said when he asked Savannah if she wanted him to be around she said, "No, I want to sleep with Mom."

Problems in bed

The Sister Wives have been in the news recently for reportedly having problems in all marriages except Kody and Robyn's. First wife Meri recently had an online emotional affair that turned out to be a catfishing scandal.It is rumored that Kody only wants to be with his newest wife, Robyn, and he doesn't really care if his other marriages fall apart. As each wife only gets seven to eights nightswith Kody per month, having a child in thebed would make things even more difficult.

Kody even went so far as to say,"It made me feel unwelcome in our house." He said the kids give him a guilt trip when he tries to kick them out of bed every fourth night.

How do you feel about the Sister Wives allowing their kids to sleep in their beds to a pretty late age? Do you think the practice interferes with each marriage?

Do you think the kids don't care ifKody isthere, because he's gone so often? Leave your feedback in the comments below and tune in to the two-hour season premiere of Sister Wives season7, on Sunday, May 8 ,2016, on TLC at 8/7c.