Season 5, Episode3 of Discovery's Alaskan Bush People was titled "Driving Miss Rainy." While the show's title is referencing youngest daughter Rain's first attempt to help out the family, there was a lot more going on in Browntown.

Noah has a date

While the rest of the Brown family was away working to haul a vehicle on their homemade barge, Noah was at Browntown on his own. Noah used his time alone to have a little date with a girl he met while the family spent several months in the lower 48 states. From the moment Karryna Kauffmanarrives, it's clear she has no actual interest in Noah.

To give her some credit, Noah doesn't help himself at all while the "date" is in progress. First, he shows her hisformer chicken coop bedroom. During an interview, Karryna describes Noah as "a very different and interesting person." While in the chicken coop, Noah proceeds to play an electric keyboard and sing a song to Karryna about his heartbreak from a previous girlfriend. To say Noah can't sing is an incredible understatement. Karryna's ability to keep a straight face during the entire ordeal gives credit to her acting skills.

Was Karryna a hired actress?

Whether or not Karryna Kauffmanwas actually paid to appear on the show remains to be seen, but it seems pretty likely if she wasn't, she was there to get her 15 minutes of fame.

Karryna has appeared in three films, The Song of Birds & Bees, 16-Love, and Love in the Time of Flannel.Karryna was clearly out of Noah's league from the moment she arrivedin Browntown. All of her interviews were so polite and she worked very hard to find kind things to say about Noah. The entire encounter between Noah and Karryna was awkward, and it was clear there was absolutely no chemistry.

What do you think about Karryna's appearance on Alaskan Bush People? Do you think she was hired to be on the show and play Noah's date? Do you think she was there for her 15 minutes of fame, or do you think she actually went with a genuine interest in Noah? Leave your feedback in the comments below and tune in to the next episode of Alaskan Bush People on Friday, at 9/8c on Discovery.