Amber Borzotra ofBig Brother has a huge fanbase that still follow her on social networks. Today she went to her Instagram page and shared a picture of an ultrasound picture sharing that a baby girl is on the way! Now fans are going kind of crazy wanting to know who she is having a baby with and hoping to find out all of the details. Amber left them hanging by not sharing a lot in the picture. Some of the fans were excited it looked like she was having a baby and others were commenting that it couldn't be hers.

Is Amber pregnant?

It turns out that Amber isn't pregnant, even though she made it sound that way today.

She shared the picture along with saying that it was a girl and that it is time for a baby shower tomorrow. Amber also said that she is already in love with the baby. You can tell from the ultrasound picture that whoever is pregnant is pretty far along. It turns out that Amber does not have a baby on the way, but her friend is actually the one about to have a baby. It looks like this is someone that she is pretty close to and is really excited about them having a baby.

Her friend is actually the one who is pregnant. She goes by the name Ms. Mathis on Instagram. Amber tagged her and what appears to be the father of the baby in the post. So Amber doesn't have a baby on the way just yet. Congrats to Amber's friend on her new baby, but thisBig Brother star isn't having one just yet.

What has she been up to?

Amber Borzotra has been sharing posts on her Instagram showing her fans what she is up to now. She has been doing some modeling jobs and just having a good time. Amber went out shooting and has also been sharing photos of her cute little sister. It looks like she is doing well, but no reality shows seem to be in the works for her right now.

Did you think that Amber Borzotra could have been pregnant? Do you think that it would be awesome if she did an all-star version ofBig Brother? Sound off in the comments on your thoughts and don't miss the new season when it starts airing this summer on CBS. Everyone loves this reality TV show.