Sister Wives will be back again soon on TLC, and now Robyn Brown's ex-best friend is speaking out all about how things are going for the family. In Touch Weekly got the chance to speak toKendra Pollard-Parra, who is sharing all about how things are going for them. If what Kendra says is true, things aren't looking good.

What is so bad now?

Kendra said that things are terrible for the Brown family, and they are fighting pretty much non-stop right now. She said they are pretending to be happy for the show, though. If Kendra is right, then it is all an act.

The Brown family has shared that they have a few issues though and even talked about how Meri Brown ended up getting catfished.

If she is right, TLC has big plans to cancel the show after season seven, which will be the next one. According to Kendra, Kody wants to do whatever he can to keep the show going and that money coming in.

Kody wants another wife

Kendra went on to reveal that Kody Brown actually told her he was pretty the first time he met her and teased that he was looking for another wife. She says the reality is that Kody does want another wife, though. He is looking for someone that is younger just like when he married Robyn. She even feels like Kody might drop one of his wivesif that is what he has to do.

So which wife would he get rid of? Kendra shared that Kody doesn't like Meri. This is his first wife, and they have had problems the last few years. They only have one child together, and she has already moved out. Like Kendra shared, Janelle is more of a friend to Kody. They get along great, but it has never really seemed romantic.

When it comes to Christine, Robyn's ex-friend shared that she is a "brat." Of course, things are great with Robyn and Kody still.

Are you shocked to hear these allegations about how things are with Sister Wives? Do you think that Kody Brown will end up finding a new wife? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and do not missSister Wives when it returns to TLC for another season. You can also watch the Duggars on TLC.