With less than three months until the Democratic National Convention, the race between front runner Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has heated up. The divide has become so wide that supporters on both sides have vowed not to vote for the opposing candidate if they make it to the general election, with the "Bernie or bust" movement being the most vocal.

Real Time on 2016 election

Outspoken liberal comedian and host of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher," Bill Maher highlighted the 2016 election during part of his show Friday night, dissecting recent events with members of his panel.

Maher noted that, while Trump and Clinton are their respective party's front runners, they are also the most unpopular candidates in recent memory. When speaking about why the leaders are so unliked, Maher didn't hold back on the April 22 edition of "Real Time."

"It's a hate-f**k election," Maher said jokingly, but also hitting the nail on the head. Maher went on to point out that the Donald Trump campaign recently sat down with Republican establishment leaders, ensuring them that their candidate will change in the general election, and that he has just been putting on an act.

In typical Maher fashion, the liberal host wasn't buying Trump's new change of heart, comparing him to fellow comedian Andrew Dice Clay, who has stated he is often a different person than what he portrays on stage.

Maher on Bernie or bust

During last weeks show, Maher welcomed actress and Bernie Sanders supporter, Susan Sarandon, to the show.

Sarandon came under fire earlier this month when she said went on record stating she might not vote for Clinton if she becomes the nominee. Maher was critical of Sarandon and once again addressed the Bernie or bust movement on Friday night. After breaking down negatives of a potential Trump administration, including his view on Climate Change compared to Hillary Clinton's stance, Maher had a message to the those who refuse to vote for Clinton if Sanders doesn't become the nominee.

"That's your choice," Maher said, before telling them, "don't be a**holes about it."

According to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released last month, 33 percent of Sanders' supporters said they won't vote for Clinton in a general election. In similar polls, the number has ranged from 25 to 33 percent, while the number for Clinton supporters who refuse to vote for Sanders is lower, but still holds at around 15 percent.