Kim Kardashian doesn't want more kids, but husband Kanye West insists on having children. The reality star revealed this on the finale of 'Kocktails with Khloe', her sister'sTV show. The socialite is happy with her two kids, so she doesn't know how to respond tothe demands of her husband. Kim says that Kanye has been mentioning it every day. The star recalls that her two pregnancies were complicated and shedoesn't wantto repeat these unpleasant experiences; she also prefers to keep her figure as it is.

Her past experiences

Kim was a mother for the first time at age 33.

Her daughter, North West, was born on June 15, 2013. The reality star had gestational diabetes and put on a lot ofweight. She has previouslysaid the weight gainhurt herentire body during pregnancy and the only thing she wanted was for it toend as soon as possible. When she gave birththe first timeshe felt that the effort was worth it and she would do it again. With her second child, baby boy Saint West, she went throughthe same experience, but it was worse because shegainedmuch more weight than in the first one.

In both cases Kim recovered her figurewith diet and exercises, inpiring fans to do the same. The socialite has been always genuine about her feelings about pregnacy - she felt ugly and fat.

For her the worst thingis that no one understands how she feels. Kim thinks that women lie when they say pregnancyis a wonderful thing. So shedecided to not go with the flow, and instead toldthe fans about her true feelings when she was expecting her babies.

What says the doctor

The socialite is 35 years old; her two pregnancies to date were painful because she suffered fromdiabetes, so the doctor advised her to not have more children because of the risk to her health.

She also suffered, both times, fromplacenta accreta. This is a disease whichattacks the uterine wall. If Kim and Kanye want more kidsit looks like the best choice for them could be adoption, because having more of their own could bring more health issues.