This October 28, Nintendo surprisingly broadcasted another Direct Mini: Partner Showcase and it seems it will be the last one for the year according to the announcer. Despite the scale, there were some surprise announcements made during this online event including cloud versions of "Control" and the upcoming "Hitman 3" heading to the Nintendo Switch. Below is the full Livestream followed by a recap of each video game announced so buckle up.

The Livestream

The recap

  • "Bravely Default II" - A new trailer dropped for the upcoming RPG that broke down some of the characters and their classes in combat. These include the Bard, Vanguard, Beastmaster, and Gambler. Nintendo also revealed the release date: it's coming to the Nintendo Switch on February 26, 2021.
  • "Story of Seasons: pioneers of Olive Town" - This 'Harvest Moon' style title will make you leave the big city to take over your grandfather's rundown farm and restore it. You'll resort to logging, renovating, planting new crops, and taming wild livestock to bring your farm back to life. You can even explore to discover hidden mines and neighbors to befriend and/or marry. It's coming on March 23, 2021.
  • "Surviving The Aftermath" - The post-apocalyptic builder is taking a chance with the Nintendo Switch next year. The trailer reveals gameplay where you must build and defend a new settlement. Fight to protect your new-found home in the middle of a wasteland on the Switch, starting Spring 2021.
  • "Immortals: Fenyx Rising" - This action-adventure game inspired by Greek mythology is coming to Switch. Play as Fenyx, a customizable hero who can explore an open world full of monsters and Gods on foot, underwater, or even in the air. Fenyx will begin his/her to free the Gods from the wrath of the Titans on December 3.
  • "Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia" - Based on the hit TV series, this RPG will have players recruit powerful monsters known as Bakugan, form the best teams, and do battle with other Bakugan and teams to win it all. There's even a competitive online multiplayer. It's launching exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on November 3.
  • "Griftlands: Nintendo Switch Edition" - This next RPG will test Switch players on their negotiation skills. "Griftlands" is a notorious rouge-like deck building turn-based action RPG that has players negotiate their way in and out of situations that include collecting the right cards for the deck, recruiting allies, and job hunting. They'll have to wait up until Summer 2021 to know how good they are at negotiating though.
  • "Tropico 6" - The popular dictator simulator is coming to Switch as El Presidente, you control the day-to-day operations of an island. Take control of your citizens' everyday lives. Send agents to steal monuments. Build up the nation with resources and more. It all will become obtainable on November 6.
  • "Control: Ultimate Edition and Hitman 3 Cloud Editions" - If you didn't think it was possible for Jesse Faden and Agent 47 to wreak havoc on Nintendo's portable console, then you'd be dead wrong. Both "Control: Ultimate Edition" and "Hitman 3" is coming to the Switch via cloud streaming, provided you have fast and reliable internet. The former is even available today. The latter will sneak its way onto the console sometime in 2021.
  • "No More Heroes III" - We finally have actual gameplay of our beloved no.1 ranked assassin in action. "No More Heroes III" will see Travis Touchdown and his allies take on an intergalactic threat this time around as he must eliminate alien superheroes that have descended onto Earth to take over. Additionally, for those who feel left out in the NMH craze, the first and second games will become available for them to play starting today. NMHIII will launch for Switch sometime in 2021.
  • "Part Time UFO" - It turns out that all this time, the "Kirby" devs were hard at work at bringing their most bizarre titler to the Switch. In "Part Time UFO," players take on the role of a...well... a cutesy UFO taking on odd jobs. These include building castles, fishing, stacking objects, and more. There's also a 2-player co-op function where friends can work together; each using a Joy-Con controller. It launches today.
  • "Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity" - Similar to the previous "Hyrule Warriors," this game features large-scale battles akin to Dynasty Warriors while set in the world of "Legend of Zelda." This title however is set 100 years before the events of "Breath of the Wild." Nintendo is rolling out a demo today for people to try out before the full game launches on November 20.