Tori Spelling has opened up on a very personal and painful subject pertaining to her two oldest children. Tori reveals that two of her kids are being constantly bullied by their classmates on social media. According to People, Tori claims that her son Liam, 12, and daughter, Stella 11, have been dealing with so much bullying that it is having some major effects on them both mentally and physically.

Tori Spelling added that Liam is having such a hard time that he now has been "bullied to the point that he developed severe emotional-based headaches and stomach aches." The entire situation has just become much too much for the children.

Tori Spelling claims school was no help to her children

Spelling explained in detail about her children's suffering. Describing Stella's experiences Tori stated that after confronting her daughter's previous school in Encino, school authorities told Tori and Dean that Stella was 'playing the victim." They also stated that they had been in contact with the bully's parents and they claim he is 'trying to change."

Tori claims that change never came, and the child bully was never forced to face any consequences for their actions. The "90210" star stated that she felt the child in question was never punished due to the fact that the parents were very active within the school and served on the school board.

Dean and Tori's kids are scarred and suffer from health issues

She also claims that she felt the child was given "special treatment" because the parents were also big financial contributors to the school, and that is something Tori and Dean were unable to do because of their financial circumstances.

Despite moving her children into a new school district, the bullying did not stop for Stella.

Spelling claims that Stella was once again bullied by her peers over her weight and sexual things that she had no knowledge of. This time, however, the school acted appropriately and expelled the boy who had been terrorizing her daughter. Stella was so traumatized by the bullying that she now suffers panic attacks and fears returning to school.

Words hurt too

Liam's problems at the same school offered a different set of issues for him. According to Tori Spelling, Liam's problems were brought on by the principal who often called him"lazy" and "unmotivated." This has caused Liam to suffer physical ailments which include headaches and stomach issues brought on by the stress.

Tori added that she was pretty leery to share this publicly because Celebrities are often criticized more harshly than others for the same problems. Spelling stated that after posting a family photo on social media last year, commenters slammed their family calling her and Dean McDermott's children fat.

Sadly, the older children saw the post and comments left by Tori Spelling's followers and became very self-conscious asking their parents if they were "obese." Tori and Dean sat down with them and attempted to explain that there are just some "mean people in the world" who feel the need to treat others badly and to pay no attention to all the negativity in the world.