Where is Evelyn Boswell? The disappearance of a Tennessee infant has attracted a lot of media attention -- and for good reason. The child's disappearance appears to share similarities with Caylee Marie Anthony, a little girl who attracted worldwide attention when her mother failed to report her missing. Little Caylee Anthony was later found dead, and her mother Casey Anthony was acquitted of any wrongdoing after a long and drawn-out trial. While the clock continues ticking, little Evelyn remains missing, and public scrutiny is being directed right at her mother.

Will this case end like the famed Anthony saga?

Conflicting statements and vague information

The mother of missing infant Evelyn Boswell has told authorities that she knows who has her. However, the woman hasn't given any specific details such as the identity of the person or persons responsible for the disappearance. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation claims that the child's mother is technically complying with the investigation, but she is "giving contrasting reports" in regards to details. What's more, she is not even who reported her own baby missing. It was the child's grandfather who reported her missing after the mother failed to do so.

Back in 2008 when Caylee Anthony disappeared, her mother waited approximately a month before she reported the disappearance.

During the course of that month, Casey Anthony chose to party and enjoy life as a woman without any responsibilities. She was pictured participating in "hot body contests," drinking with friends and living a carefree life. She even got a tattoo during the course of refusing to report her daughter missing. When Casey Anthony did choose to report little Caylee missing, she told authorities that she knew who took the girl.

The disappearance of Tennessee baby Evelyn Boswell parallels with the Anthony case in that both mothers have behaved suspiciously and provided similar unverifiable details to detectives. This, ultimately, prevents them authorities from doing their jobs, which can be looked at as obstruction of justice.

Is time running out for Evelyn Boswell?

The longer a child is missing, the lesser the odds of finding the child alive. That's especially given the details that are coming to the media with this particular case. When the mother of a missing child gives conflicting and potentially false information, she directly hinders the search for the missing child, which only adds to the possibility that this child is in danger, or has already suffered foul play. Is the disappearance of Evelyn Boswell going to end in the same manner as the search for Caylee Anthony? Hopefully authorities can step up their game, since they clearly cannot rely on the missing infant's mother.