"The Bold and the Beautiful" rumors are now addressing an uncomfortable topic that viewers have on their minds. Everyone wants to know the final outcome of Thomas and Xander as the reveal of the baby switch draws nigh. Zoe’s boyfriend believes the Forrester Creations heir murdered Emma. and is trying to find evidence, at the risk of his own life. Ridge’s son had crossed the line once by watching Ms. Barber die, so it’s not a stretch to consider he would kill again. No matter what happens next, terrible Tom has committed numerous crimes and must be dealt with.

There is no way this can turn out good for him therefore, he may end up in prison, someone may kill him, or he could take his own life.

'B&B' may not be able to redeem Thomas

"The Bold and the Beautiful" has soiled Thomas, beyond redemption, unless his misdeeds can be explained away by a brain tumor. Otherwise, he is simply a bad seed who must pay for his crimes. The storyline has turned Ridge and Taylor’s son into a homicidal maniac who has drugged people and used his own son to manipulate. Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that death may be the only way to rectify this situation and that Perhaps Xander might kill Thomas defending his own life.

"B&B" has taken Thomas so far to the dark side that it looks as if there is no possible way out.

The menacing look on his face as he watched Emma breath her last breath let viewers see how Steffy’s brother is embracing the darkness. It’s possible he may try to hurt Hope and someone, perhaps Liam, May kill him in order to save her life. Thomas may even attempt to kill them both in a murder-suicide. CDL indicates that things may have gone too far for any type of salvation so If he does not die, Tom May land in prison or a mental health facility.

'B&B' might sacrifice Xander

"The Bold and the Beautiful" rumors teased that Xander might be killed by Thomas, but it was Emma. Executive producer Brad Bell said someone would die this summer but never said there would only be one death. It would be the natural next step for Thomas to silence anyone who gets in his way and right now Liam and Xander are at the top of the list.

Soap Dirt suggests that Maya’s cousin is in grave danger, which implies something might happen to him. Considering that Liam is a major character it’s more likely that he would take down his rival rather than be murdered.

If "The Bold and the Beautiful" does allow another character to die it’s more likely that it would be Xander as he is the one investigating and trying to seek justice for Emma. Zoe and Flo promised Thomas they would keep their mouths shut about Phoebe being Beth.