In March, Soap Hub quoted Judith Chapman as saying that her character Gloria Bardwell would be back on “The Young and the Restless.” Last week the rumors indicates that Catherine Bach is returning as Chelsea’s mother Anita. If ever there was a time for these two actresses to reprise their roles on the CBS daytime drama, it’s now. Adam Newman has been running roughshod over Michael and Kevin and is trying to force his wife to reunite their family. Anita and Gloria would take Adam to task in true mama bear mode and also bring comic relief to Genoa City.

The new writing team should consider these talented women as they restore the show to its glory days.

Gloria badly needed in Genoa City

“The Young and the Restless” writers recently brought Kevin and Chloe back to Genoa City where they became entangled with Adam Newman. Michael is now caught in the web of deceit because he tried to defend his brother. This would be the ideal time for Gloria to return to town and reclaim her position at Jabot. She is needed to keep her sons out of trouble and also put Adam in his place. According to rumor alerts Victor’s bad seed is about to get Kevin to do something unthinkable so Gloria’s support would be appreciated at this time.

Neither Y&Rnor Judith Chapman ever gave an official reason for why Gloria disappeared from Genoa City.

There were rumors it had to do with Mal Young, because Eileen Davidson and Mishael Morgan left the show and Kristel Khalil went on recurring status, all during Young’s time as head writer. Nothing more has been said about Chapman's return but viewers would love to see Gloria interfering in her son’s lives once again.

'Y&R' can use Anita right now

Chelsea returned to Genoa City last week only to find her life turned upside down. She walked in on Nick and Adam fighting over Christian, then realized her former spouse had total disregard for her new husband. Calvin later showed up saying he had been to talk to Adam and believed Conner was better off with his biological dad.

An argument ensued and Calvin fell dead. Chelsea turned to Nick for support, which infuriated Adam who is determined to reunite his family at any price.

"Y&R" rumors say Paul will determine Calvin was murdered and Chelsea will be the number one suspect. Adam is going to milk the situation and throw the s wife under the bu, in order to get his hands on his son. Anita’s daughter needs her now as she deals with being a widow, a murder suspect and has to interact with her psychotic former husband. Soap Dirt indicates that Victor will have memory lapses because of his treatments so there will be trouble all around.