“The Bold and the Beautiful” may be painting Xander into a corner from which he will never emerge. Maya’s cousin continues to be a lone wolf who is determined that Thomas must be taken down. He is desperate to avenge Emma’s death and save Hope from a future with the psychopath.

On Friday Xander found video footage of Thomas racing off in his car just after Justin’s niece left the Forrester parking lot. He will take his suspicions to Zoe who will he eject him and side with Ridge and Taylor’s son. This obsession may put the Avant’s nephew in the crosshairs of the fashion world heir apparent, and if not careful, he could be the next one to die.

‘B&B’ may be setting Xander up to die

“B&B” spoilers pegged Xander as the one who would die this summer, but Emma is the one who lost her life because of Thomas. Now Soap Dirt and Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate his life may still be in danger. The spoilers say Maya’s cousin is going to talk to Zoe about his concern that Emma was murdered. She will not want to hear any of it, possibly because she is afraid of the truth. The tension is going to cause problems in the relationship, and the couple may split up.

“B&B” spoilers also say that Xander will want to stop Hope from marrying Thomas but don’t say how far he is willing to go. Last week Charlie helped Xander with the video footage but was called away before the issue of Thomas and Emma could be discussed.

If Charlie is not brought up to speed, there is no one else who can help as Zoe and Flo are siding with Thomas.

’B&B’baby switch to be revealed in November

B&B” executive producer Brad Bell revealed a while back that the baby switch would come to light during November sweeps. As would up as Xander is, he may not be able to contain himself four more months.

Unlike Zoe and Flo, who have chosen to do the bidding of Thomas, Maya’s cousin seeks justice. Thomas is currently wrapped up in getting Hope to marry him, but others are determined she won’t. Both Brooke and Liam know that something is off with the behavior of Ridge’s son and they are trying to figure it out.

“The Bold and the Beautiful" viewers are eager for the truth to be revealed and now with a timeline, they can count down.

If spoilers are correct, then Xander may become as unglued as Thomas in his quest for the truth. If he and Zoe go their separate ways, he will have no obe in his corner and become more vulnerable to Tom the terrible. It’s possible that the Forrester heir may kill again but if Xander dies others may begin connecting the dots. Brooke and Pam are already suspicious, and if Charlie begins investigating things could become interesting.

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