Despite the American president had approved the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats and closing their consulate in Seattle, the allegations of the Russian connection have not died down. Donald Trump continues to face allegations that he won the election because of Russian influence and continued to behold on to Putin.

The latest to join the bandwagon is a four-star retired US general Barry McCaffrey. It has been reported by MSNBC that General McCaffrey is a much-respected soldier who served in various theatres of War including Vietnam and was the youngest and most decorated US four-Star General.

He has accused the US President of being under the influence of Putin, the Russian president.


The accusations by the four-star general have a familiar ring. Most of the opponents of Donald accuse the president had something to hide as far as Russia is concerned. Staring in the face of the president is the investigation being conducted by Barry Mueller into how much influence the Russians have in Washington. He has not yet interviewed Donald Trump, but there is every likelihood that at some stage he will interview the president. This is indeed not to his liking, and one can expect some fireworks before that happens. There is a distinct chance that he may even sack Mueller.

General McCaffrey

People who know general McCaffrey have aid that the general is not a man to make any allegations without foundation. McCaffrey has stated that he kept quiet for a long time, but now his conscience does not allow him to keep silent. The general has accused the president having something to hide and being and under the sway of the Russian president.

The general has also said that he is a threat to national security.

All this does sound weird, but the result has been that the president has been unable to reset his policy on Russia and normalize relations. As far as Russia is concerned the circumstances are such that he is not a free agent and perforce has to follow a hard line policy to appease his opponents.


President Trump has himself not said anything against Russia, but probably he has approved all the actions that have taken place. He was perhaps hoping that that tough action taken against Russia will convince all that he is not the stooge of Putin but the fact remains that Donald Trump had three million less of the popular vote and the fact that he won is a mystery that has not been explained. This is hurting the president and one be sure that he will react in his own way. Politics in Washington will hot up in the months to come.