Vladimir Putin has won the general election and been voted in as the President of Russia for 6 years until 2024. Putin's victory was a foregone conclusion. The only thing of interest was the margin of victory. Fox News has now reported that Putin won 76 percent of the popular vote which is 12 percent more than what he had won in the 2012 election.

Putin wins

The increase in voting percentage should not come as a surprise as recent events regarding the poisoning of The Russian defector in England and the British reaction greatly contributed to this victory off Putin.

The hysteria created by Theresa May convinced the Russian voters that Putin was the only man who would secure them from the designs of the West. There is no doubt that the West fears Russia which now with China as its partner, poses a credible threat to them

The victory of the Russian president is a warning bell to the UK and the EU that without American help these nations cannot match Russia. Putin is clear that he wants to restore old glory of the Soviet Union as a counterpoise to America and one can be sure that he is on the right track. Recently his announcement of a hyper missile has unnerved even the USA. Despite General Mattis discounting and depreciating the Russian weaponry, the fact remains that Russia is now almost as powerful as the erstwhile Soviet Union.

Shrewd leader

Putin is a shrewd leader and he has cultivated friendship with India and moreover, China, which are now the dominant powers in Asia. The British, devoid of colonies, are no a longer formidable power and one has a feeling that the only way that they can make a pretense to be a great power is by beating the drum against Russia like in the recent poisoning case of the Soviet spy.

The attacks on Russia appear to the people all over the world as a cover-up of the British' failure to secure the safety of the Russian defector who was a double spy

The west has no option but to deal with Putin. The hysterical statements of Boris Johnson, the secretary for Foreign Affairs do not appear to have any substance The British, already involved in Brexit negotiations, had to literally beg and cajole the EU to back them.

It was also very churlish of some of the Western leaders to not congratulate Putin on his victory. However, many world leaders including the Indian leader, Modi, and the Chinese President, Xi, have congratulated Putin on his victory.


The wheel of history is turning and the west must realize that the greater danger which the UK and France face is not from Russia but an internal danger from the vast Muslim population that is now like a fifth column inside them. it is surprising that Theresa May can talk of Russian interference but is scared to use the words "Islamic terrorism." In this, she could take a leaf out of the book of Donald Trump. In the meantime, Putin is fast catching up to Josef Stalin as the longest ruling leader of Russia.