China and Russia have had a tortuous relationship. This was during the time of Nikita Khrushchev and Mao Tse Tung. They had ideological differences and a un-demarcated border. But all that is history, as now China and Russia are into a close military and economic relationship. The leaders Vladimir Putin and President Xi make it a point to emphasize the close relationship and cooperation between the two nations.

Russia is the leader as it is more technologically advanced than China and it has shared this technology with China in return for billions of dollars of Chinese investment in Russia.

News week has reported that the Russians and Chinese are into a close military relationship and the new Chinese defense minister general Wei Fenghe chose Russia for his first visit outside China.

China.-Russia axis

The Chinese general has been quoted by China military online as having said:" the China-Russia relationship is the best major countries relationship in today's world."

Both the Chinese and Russians are busy testing the latest anti-missies. These missiles are supposed to intercept enemy missiles in flight. The Pentagon has confirmed that Russia has conducted recent tests in Kazakhstan. The Russians have been conducting tests of an anti-ballistic missile system that can intercept missiles in flight.The Chinese are not far behind, and both nations have strengthened their bonds and formed a Russia-china axis as a shield against the USA.

A long time

Both the leaders will be around for a long time as Putin has won an unprecedented fourth term as President. President Xi has gone one step better and anointed himself as president for life as terms have been just wished away. In such a scenario, the USA will have to be very careful. Most of the other American allies like the UK don't count for much and as Nikita Khrushchev had said that it would take just five H bombs to wipe the English off the world map.

France and Germany cannot be relied upon by America to get into a war with both China and Russia.


The Chinese and Russians are developing their weapons feverishly and concentrating on anti-missile systems. The US would be ill-advised to tow the British line and go against Russia for trivial incidents like the poisoning of the Russian spy.

This incident also does not prove that Russia is at fault and by just stating that Russia was the "most likely" perpetrator of the act is neither here nor there.

The Russia-China axis could in the years to come be something the west hoped never took place