President Donald Trump never stops surprising the world. Once again he has proved that he has statesmanlike qualities by ringing up and congratulating the Russian President Vladimir Putin on his election victory. The Washington Post has reported that the US president, during the course of the telephone call, talked about arms control but did not mention a word about the spy poisoning case. This probably is not to the liking of the UK.

Trump's call

The White House and Donald Trump confirmed the telecon which was first informed by the Kremlin. The call reportedly took place on Tuesday (March 20).

This was confirmed by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. During the conversation, the two leaders talked of arms control and agreed that they will meet soon to discuss Syria, denuclearization of North Korea, and other matters

Out of the Western leaders, Angela Merkel was among the first to congratulate Putin, followed by the French President Macron. Now Trump has also done it and shows that he does not take the British allegations of poisoning of the Russian double agent too serious a matter

Trump admires strong men and sees his image in a similar light. During the election campaign, he had spoken very favorably of Vladimir Putin, but the opposition and his opponents, shocked by his victory, had dug up the "Russian connection." This handicapped Donald Trump to reset relations with Russia, which had been, in my opinion, badly damaged during the tenure of Barack Obama.

Obama-drift, and surrender

During Obama's tenure, the US followed the policy of drift and surrender in the South China Sea and pampered Palestine Arabs at the expense of Israel. Trump is trying his best to reset these relations and he has already caught the Palestinian Arabs by the tail. He has also toughened US policy toward China, Taiwan, and the South China Sea.

Trump has indicated that very soon he and the Russian president will meet to discuss contentious issues. Putin more than once has indicated his desire to reset relations with the USA.


Trump has his critics at home, led by Senator John McCain, who has criticized Trump for making the call to the Russian president. This man himself lost the election and at every opportunity makes it a point to criticize Trump.

Despite all his and others taking part in Trump bashing, I feel the US president has accomplished more in his one year in office than other presidents did in their eight years in the White House. Hopefully, when President Trump and Putin meet, the stage may be set for a different world order