There are many occasions that relationships come to the end and it is not because love is lacking.

There are, in fact, many other factors that can make your Relationship come to an end.

Here are some pointers on How To keep your relationship on track for a good ending.

Love yourself

The first thing for a healthy relationship is to have self-love. To love another person, you have to love yourself first. You must be in the right condition both mentally and emotionally.

The lack of self-love can bring problems to your relationship, such as distrust of your partner and eventually, jealousy.

Sometimes our self-esteem, for example, is a little low and we start having complexes about our physical appearance, leading us to think that our partner would be more attracted to some other person.

Love yourself for who you are, every day look in the mirror and remember all your virtues!

Accept the differences

We are not all equal! Like it or not, we are different individuals in every sense of the word. We should not try to change the person we are with. It's the differences that make us unique and special. You must understand that people usually do what makes them feel happy and if you forbid them to do what they like because you don't, they will not be happy anymore.

Enjoy and learn from the differences of others!


All relationships, whether romantic or not, need to have communication! You cannot leave anything to the chance, so do not leave anything to your partner's imagination. You must communicate how you feel if there is something you do not like, or even if 'it's something that you do like. Everyone wants to know if they are doing things right, I think you will all agree with me when I say that we want to make our partner feel good and comfortable.

The communication is the key!

Say no to pride

This part it explains itself. We have to accept when we are wrong and correct our mistakes.

No routine

Routine kills. Having a routine every day of the week or even of the month can become depressing and is extremely boring. Needless to say, if we are feeling symptoms of depression we cannot have a healthy relationship with other people.

Do something different every week, go out to eat in another town, go on a hiking adventure, ride a horse together, or have a picnic in your favorite park.

Get out of your comfort zone, there is a world outside!

Show affection

Even if we have the biggest feelings of love for a person it is extremely important to communicate it. Have you heard the saying "the acts are worth more than a thousand words?" Well, it's true. We all love to feel loved, to feel valued and important to the person we are with. A good morning kiss, hugs, and those small details of affection are those that improve the day to anyone.

Give a lot of affection, but be careful as we all need personal space.

If you follow these simple but important tips I'm sure that your relationship will recover the flame that was lost and you will evolve into a stable and strong relationship. Remember that no relationship is 100 percent perfect, and the detail is in working every day to improve it. Thank me later.