Justa a few weeks back, the North Koreans and Donald trump were trading insults and threatening each other. Kim had appeared to become more belligerent after the claimed successful test of his H-Bomb. President Moon of South Korea and Japan had also ranged against Kim in support of the USA. Kim, however, has done a magicians trick. Just like Merlin the magician from King Arthurs days, the Korean dictator has started looking reasonable and accommodating.

After a summit meeting with the South Korean president Moon, he announced a suspension of all nuclear tests and the closure of his nuclear testing site.

The US President Trump hailed the steps taken by Kim and now the stage is set for a Trump-Kim summit very soon. The Washington Times has reported that Kim has promised to give up his nuclear arsenal if the USA promises not to attack North Korea.

Nuclear weapons

The Change Of Heart of the North Korean Dictator Kim has happened in a very short time. Many are wondering how Kim changed his stance overnight and some feel that Kim may be playing another game as a leopard cannot change his spots. Kim is a shrewd leader and one wonders whether he will in reality de-nuclearize especially after stating many times that nuclear weapons in possession of North Korea are non-negotiable. There is, however, a distinct possibility that he may stop further testing as he has an H- Bomb in his arsenal.

The fact is, Kim does not need to test any more weapons. He has already entered the nuclear powers club, though the nuclear powers do not recognize him. Secondly, he will like to rid himself of dependence on China. All neighbors of China including Vietnam do not consider China a friend. The Korean leader is wary of China and this is an excellent time to try for an independent course with a president who wants to get in the history books.

All this would not have been possible if Trump had not agreed to the summit with Kim. For decades US presidents did not think it proper to have a meeting with the North Korean leader.

Trump-Kim summit

The Trump-Kim summit will be important as it will wean the North away from the influence of China. The USA will be pleased with this.

Kim may also agree to stop further developments of WMD but the chances that he will hand over his nuclear weapons and rely only on conventional weapons may turn out to be a pipe dream. Kim is young and cunning and knows a trick or two about diplomacy.

One thing for sure, though Kim may not give up his nuclear weaponry, he will be more reasonable and the Far East will be a safer place. It may also mark the end of Chinese influence in this region.