George Soros is a well-known investor of foreign currencies. Some people claim that he is evil and the head of the new world order. He has stated in interviews that there should be regulations on people like him.

George Soros was referring to the fact that he could destroy a nation. One word from him and he could ruin a country's currency. This will cause a depression or hyperinflation in countries ruining their economy.

George Soros is no longer running his organization and is, instead, concentrating on philanthropy. He has donated multi-millions to his Open Society charities.

They claim to help countries overcome hardships and totalitarian governments.

George Soros' caravan

These charities have sponsored a mass migration to the United States from Latin America. The caravan consists of approximately 200 individuals seeking access to the United States as refugees. They have traveled from the southern border of Mexico.

The caravan has traveled all the way through Mexico. The media has been following them. They have finally reached the United States.

There is no reason that they should have made it this far. It is interesting that the Mexican government has not stopped them. They have been illegally traversing Mexico. The caravan released a press release on March 23rd stating, “the goal is 'abolishing borders' as the name Pueblo sin Fronteras (People Without Borders) implies,” according to the WND website.

The refugees were heard shouting, “Gracias, Mexico,” as reported by The American Mirror website.

One could only assume the George Soros' charities helped in their adventure across Mexico. It is unknown why they were not stopped or sent back to their countries once they reached Mexico.

George Soros

George Soros claims to want to help countries overcome hardships. That is what his charities are set up to do. This does not seem to fit that goal.

If that was his goal then he would have helped them before they left their countries, instead of helping them leave their countries.

His speech states that Donald Trump is a danger to the world. His reign will end in 2020 if not sooner. That could be construed as a threat against the President of the United States. Donald Trump was voted in 2016 for a four-year term.

Soros “has provided funding for the Black Lives Matter movement and open borders activists. George Soros' foundation has also provided funding to anti-Trump 'resistance' groups, funded opposition research on critics of radical Islam and attempted to influence Supreme Court rulings,” according to WND website. He funded Black Lives Matter, which is considered a terrorist organization.

When did America need saving from a totalitarian government? It seems that the United States might need help avoiding George Soros.

His Open Society is also sponsoring political candidates in the upcoming elections. The governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, was given a campaign contribution from George Soros. Almost immediately after, she announced that Oregon would not be sending any troops to the southern border. This is right in line with his agenda. He has transferred 18 million dollars into his Open Societies “to advance his globalist, borderless ideology both in the U.S. and around the world.” according to WND website.

His goal is to destroy Trump for his own financial gain. He does not care about the consequences of his actions.

He has a goal in mind and will destroy anything or anyone that tries to stop him. If you do not think he has influence over American politics, you are wrong. He has been a friend and supporter of the Clintons for many years.

George Soros influence is already here in our political system. According to WND website, “Judicial Watch obtained 32 pages of records showing the Obama administration sent U.S. taxpayers’ funds to a group backed by Soros, which used the money to fund left-wing political activities in Albania, including working with the country’s socialist government to push for highly controversial judicial 'reform.' The records also detail how the Soros operation helped the State Department review grant applications from other groups for taxpayer funding.” The Obama administration used our tax money to help a socialist government.

George Soros was the mastermind and influenced this scheme.

George Soros' charitable organizations are manipulating our political system. He is trying to influence the upcoming elections. He is an evil emperor and he is trying to change America into a socialist society. America needs to stop him before he brings absolute chaos into our country. The way to stop him is to ensure we do our homework before elections this year. Our country is run by the people, not the George Soros of the world.