The long-awaited Cruise Missile attack on Syria finally took place. Despite the strong words by Donald trump the attack was limited in scope, and only three targets were hit. The Syrians claim to have shot down 13 Cruise missiles. This may or may not be true, but the fact remains the scope of the attack was very limited. It appears that the overall warning of Russia not to light the match for World War III had an effect. The targets were carefully chosen, and it was ensured that no Russians or Iranians were hit. has reported that the U.S.

cruise missile strike into Syria would be limited in nature.

Low-key response

Overall it has been a low key response and the fact that it took place after many days of the announcement by Trump allowed Syria and Russia to take remedial measures. They had ample time to move their personnel to other places. In all probability, the western powers just carried out this bombing as an act of bravado without any real purpose. The attack obviously has achieved nothing.

English dream

In this entire attack, the role of the British pm Theresa May lacks conviction. Her opponent the Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn has already accused her of "waiting for orders" from the American president. In 1947 it was the Labour party under Lord Atlee that granted Independence to India.

Labour has a realistic view of the British position in the world. England is no longer a world power, and it's really laughable that they are pretending to be a big power by riding piggyback on Uncle Sam. Probably Ms. May thinks that by joining the Americans in bombing Syria, England would regain its lost glory as a power.

Russian threat

The Russian threat of retaliation has had some effect, and the result is that the missile attack has been comparatively low key. Military analysts will be wondering as to what was the purpose of the missile attack on Syria, as the earlier attack also achieved nothing. President Assad continues to be in power, and now it appears from the statement of the British PM that a regime change is not what the British want.

In that case, a limited strike really has no meaning.

No result

There is a requirement for the United Nations to be more assertive. The western powers cannot act as the policemen of the world.We have seen that in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Syria attempts by the USA, to be the world's policeman have been disastrous and over 6000 American young men have been killed. I wonder whether this is the price to pay for the US to become the world's policeman for nothing. The attack on Syria would have meaning if an attempt were made to remove Bashar Al Assad from power.