The White House Correspondents Association's dinner last night ended in controversy. It started with Michelle Wolf's comedy performance, who was invited by White House Correspondents Association's president, Margaret Talev. Michelle Wolf used crude jokes during the performance. No one should have been surprised at what she said. That is her act.

Michelle Wolf

There is no need for criticism of her performance. She stated that she was not political and she is a comedian. The White House Correspondents Association pledges that they have first amendment rights to report.

Michelle Wolf expressed her first amendment rights during her performance. They might have been inappropriate for the venue, but they did not violate any law.

Most of the criticism was against her performance. On the CNN website, they “suggested some of Wolf's material was needlessly cruel.” It was a performance that made jokes about people at the dinner.

The issue that everyone should be talking about is the blatant attempt by Margaret Talev to push her agenda. She was quoted on Washington Examiner's website saying, “I thought she is a talented comedian who had a message to deliver, and she did deliver a message. I delivered a message, too.” Freedom of speech for a reporter is to deliver the news not an agenda.

Margaret Talev

On CNN today, she was asked if she regretted inviting Michelle Wolf. On their website, she stated, “only regret is that, to some extent, those 15 minutes are now defining four hours of what was a really wonderful, unifying night." She got the intended results.

Margaret Talev claims to want to unify the media to ensure first amendment rights.

No member of the media has been censored. No member of the media has been executed for writing their stories.

The media has been against Trump since he became president. They have not been stopped from exercising that right.

The media needs to report stories based on facts that are verifiable. That is their job. She stated during her CNN interview that she had an agenda for the evening.

Margaret Talev demonstrated that with her invitation to Michelle Wolf.

The conservative media is talking about her jokes against people in the administration. They are supposed to be funny, sometimes at the expense of other individuals. Compare that to some of the comments made by Trump. He has insulted a lot of people during his campaign and since he has been president. On the CNN website, their story stated the following from Matthew Dowd, '"If you are a Trump supporter or member of his administration and aren't willing to condemn his vulgar and mean-spirited behavior every day, then i don't want to hear what you have to say about a comedian."

The argument has to go both ways. There cannot be criticism against one side when they are not critical of the other.

If Michelle Wolf has to stop, then Trump has to stop. It is time to forget the name calling and taking sides. The former White House communications director, Antony Scaramucci said, “I think the hostilities need to be de-escalated on both sides. It's not just the White House,” quoted the CNN website.

Once upon a time, America was the land where you could have a good debate. Now it is the land of partisanship. People are going to disagree with each other, we must allow everyone their opinion and grow together. The people of America can learn more if we just listen to the other side. Sometimes they just might have an idea that works and will ultimately change your point of view.