I aimed at becoming the best blogger on the Internet, so I created a blog based on facts and published enough articles to get Google Adsense to advertise there. One month passed, and I earned just 19 cents. Well, it was not much, but it gave me enough hope to take me further into blogging.

10 billion users on YouTube and no views for me

After a couple of months, I found out that people earn more by vlogging than blogging. So, I started reading about YouTube paid partnerships. It is quite an interesting and productive method for any freelancer to earn money.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world with more than ten billion users. I thought that by publishing one video I could get 100k views easily. But I was wrong about YouTube because no one checked out my video on my channel "Life Science Facts" and it did not appear in the search list.

Then I started to research how YouTube worked. Tagging, catchy titles, and thumbnails were three main possibilities for success on YouTube. I added some tags to my video but still, it did not work. I kept finding where I was wrong and making corrections. I did everything according to the YouTube algorithm but did not get a single view.

I published three or four videos and then stopped publishing for several months.

One day I looked at my YouTube channel and found that all my videos were getting views. Among them, one video was getting many more views than the rest. I did not expect to get that any views on the video. Eventually, my YouTube channel began picking up, and I made my first 1000 subscribers in six months and total half million views on my channel without expending any energy.

I have around 20 videos on my channel, and only two of them have crossed 200k views a piece. But, f I talk about earning, it is less. When ad rates were high on YouTube, many YouTubers earned around $500 for less than 500k views, but now it is hard to earn even$100 in 500K views.

I earned $110 from YouTube in seven months, but I did not put YouTube first.

I just looked at it every day and invested some time in the research work. I am totally satisfied with my YouTube experience and now I am going to try to get 2000 views.

If you are new on YouTube and reading this article, I would like to give you some advice. You only need one video to have a YouTube channel, but if you want to be successful, you should strive, more realistically, for at least 100 videos. Be patient because, if you keep trying, sooner or later you will succeed.

You can check out my latest video here.