I can remember the day like it was yesterday. Sitting outside on the back patio of my grandparent's home, I was desperately awaiting the decision that Kevin Durant was going to make: to stay with the Oklahoma City Thunder or go a big contender elsewhere.

I was glued to my phone all day waiting for the decision to arise as reports were saying at the time that the decision was to be made to the public soon. A notification displayed on my phone indicated that Durant indeed had decided to sign with the Golden State Warriors.

My reaction

My first reaction when I saw the notification was that I figured it was "fake news." Throughout the day, which was on the Fourth of July nonetheless, I researched on other sites to find out if the news was in fact truthful.

I also knew that many fans would be burning their jerseys in Oklahoma. Their Fourth of July would be ruined in an instant.

Some of the words I felt in that situation were hurt, surprised, dismayed, and sad. The superstar who had it made with the Oklahoma City Thunder and chose to leave it all behind. To this very day, I still do not respect his decision to go to the Golden State Warriors.

Why I don't respect the decision

Above all, I didn't respect his decision because I knew that it made him a "sell-out." He obviously, in my opinion, chose to go to the juggernaut team because he wanted to win a ring. He was tired of hearing the critics mocking him for being such a great player with no championships.

The decision to join the Warriors obviously makes him a "sell-out" because he had no rings at the time for all the years in the league and knew that if he joined the team that they are he would have no problem getting one.

I saw the move as one of the weakest moves made by a superstar of his caliber in NBA history. A hero turned into a villain.

Durant is a special player, arguably the second-best player behind or third at best behind LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard in my opinion. He is a special talent being able to shoot well all over the court from three, mid-range, and driving to the rim. Even more, he can create separation easily with his handle. He could have gone to so many other teams in the league like with the Washington Wizards, Miami Heat, or even the Boston Celtics.

I would have had no problem if he joined those teams.

But more painful was his decision to leave OKC behind after all the work he put in for the team that drafted him. Kevin chose to play for the same team that beat him in the series to get to the NBA Finals. You just don't go to the team that beats you, especially as Durant could have gone to the Finals.

In my opinion, he had a lot of great players surrounding him to win. He was up 3-1 in that series and he, in my mind, undoubtedly choked and could not seal the deal. He left behind one of the best guards in the league in Russell Westbrook and did not tell him anything before making his decision. In Oklahoma, he had one of the best centers in the league with Steven Adams, as well as with Enes Kanter, Dion Waiters, and Serge Ibaka.

Another reason I didn't respect the choice he made was that he shook up the league, with him joining that powerful team it decreased competition in the league as they would just dominate and win each year. Even now they are the favorite to win it all year in and year out. He ruined the power structure of the NBA, and that is why so many teams have made moves to improve because of his choice. Nobody wants to see the same team win and dominate. It ruins competition and excitement, not even the greatness of LeBron was enough to defeat the team with Durant joining them.

All of these players I have mentioned have shined with the teams that they are with currently, which shows that Durant choked and could have won a championship with OKC.

It's a shame that he did not give it another shot.

Durant's season

Kevin Durant has answered the bell this season, but the Golden State Warriors do not hold the best record in the NBA, but it is the Houston Rockets. The season has been reasonably competitive in the West, and with rookies being impressive stepping up to the plate.

Now while I will never respect the decision he made, I give him credit for improving his game with the Warriors and putting up great numbers. In fact, he is averaging, 26 points, five assists, and close to 7 rebounds on the season by statistics on the ESPN database. He equally has also been able to improve his defense with the team this season.

All we can do now is just dream what could have been if Durant chose to stay with OKC.