I will be 23 years old in a couple of months, and I think that I am still very far from the success. I finished my graduation last year without having any job confirmation. All my colleagues and friends were fighting to get private and governmental jobs, and I was just thinking, "What's going on?" My surroundings always pushed me into the cockpit where all people had the same thoughts about life and jobs. I think I am quite a different thinker from all of them.

Is survival hard?

I live in a place where survival is harder than in any other country, even after having a good education.

I did engineering in mechanical stream. Yes, machines, that's what I studied in books but never showed any interest to them in reality. I had dreams and I wanted to make my life like them. So, I never stood up for governmental and MNC jobs.

I do not remember the exact date, but I got my first laptop in 2013 and first smartphone in 2016. Can you believe it? How far was I from today's technology? Okay, I knew computers, but, like without petrol, a car is just a toy. It's the same without any internet connection; a laptop is useless. I have been playing games and watching movies for three years due to no WiFi. Yes, you can blame me for it. But, I could not afford WiFi that time. So, just whatever I learned about the internet was through my Samsung Champ.

Really, a Java phone, only one application at a time. That sucked.

Following graduation

Anyway, my graduation was over and I was looking for a work. I wanted to try something interesting but showed disrespect to those slavery jobs. I was an amateur, just big dreams with no knowledge and stupid thoughts. Life isn't that easy I was pretending.

Okay, I think joining the Web Designing classes was the best decision of my life. My first day there was quite good. For the first time in my life, I realized that I could search this platform. Anyway, some people believe that it is never too late. So, I started going there, every day with my full concentration.

I spent two hours daily but was not sure that it could bring something valuable to my career.

But, you know, it's my own experience that just pushed me into something and crawled my dream every day. It definitely took me to the right path. Sometimes, you do things but you achieve something else which opens new doors with more expectations. Yes, exactly the same happened to me. I joined a web designing course but showed my interest in blogging and writing, and then later found the hidden benefits of vlogging and now, Steemit. Yes, I think life is a roller coaster which gives you adrenaline at every curve if you dare to sit in a ride.