Nowadays, Travel sharing has become very popular. We cannot live without the Internet, which is the main method of meeting new people, so it is logical that there is such a service online. Everyone is waiting for the holidays, but it is not always possible to find someone to go on a vacation with.

Referring to numerous sites that provide a similar service, you can find a traveling companion and, after talking to him via the Internet, go on holiday, buy a tour, sometimes even with a joint room.

According to statistics, a large percentage of the population is ready to seek or be a companion.

For example, about 20 percent are looking for a company in joint car travel cruises or bus tours, 25-30 percent for travel on tours, and 15 percent are seeking partners for an exotic holiday.

Advantages of traveling with a company

If you are thinking about travel sharing, check the main advantages of such trips.


  • A company, and someone for communication (it is always more fun);
  • Assistance in different situations (heavy luggage, foreign language proficiency);
  • Savings (joint accommodation fees, the cost of petrol).

After deciding to go for a vacation with a stranger, be very picky to choose such a companion. The most important criterion is closeness in spirit and interests. After all, the goal of the companions is the same, and therefore, conflicts are rare.

Booking a tour at a travel agency, it is possible to immediately ask the clerk, whether somebody is seeking a travel share companion. You can save up to 30 percent of your expenses.

Moreover, it is possible to check directly what method of traveling the person prefers, and what mode of transport is more comfortable. It is possible to look for a person on social networks — there are many special groups where people seek out a companion for travel share.

If you are going to just relax, pay attention to the personality of potential companions, as an optimistic, easy-going and positive person is someone whom you need.

You should also discuss the domestic issues. Agree on rules of communication and of living together in a room: when to get up, how often to go on trips, and how much time to spend on the beach.

It will help to overcome any difficulties. Another important point is that your companion should not have bad habits.

As the history of hundreds of tourist reports demonstrates, when people go on a trip, they think about rest and good emotions, not about deceiving someone. Also, a travel share joins people together: with a fellow traveler you can share impressions, and problems can be easily solved.

Where to find a travel companion on vacation and traveling

You can find a travel companion using these ideas.

  • On specialized forums, groups on social media. You can also register on the website and look for the company there.
  • Ask friends. Quite possibly, someone will want to join you or invite to go together. When people see that you are easy-going and ready for adventure, they may offer their company.
  • If you still go alone, you can settle not in hotels but hostels. There, people are always ready to communicate; you can easily find a company for joint sightseeing and pub crawl. A smile and good mood open many doors.

If you have a company, it is possible to leave the bags and go to the bathroom; your companion will take care of your things on the beach when you go swimming.

With a companion, it is easier to take any table in the restaurant – while one keeps the place, the other chooses food. You will not be afraid to go back from the disco at night in a strange city. Even simply to be photographed in front of landmarks is easier if you travel with a companion.

If your companion is a blogger, it is also a mutual PR and the growth of your rating. Mentioning and promoting links to each other's blogs is useful. In addition, you emphasize your own importance in your readers' eyes.

In terms of rating, it is profitable, but everything has its price because other popular people have ambitions and narcissism, and you will have to endure it with a smile.

Expand your circle of contacts, both virtual and real. In any case, there is nothing complicated in the travel sharing.