Every young woman wants to have beautiful, thick, and luxurious hair. If you are obsessed with natural Hair Growth, mind the importance of relaxing treatments, try to Comb Your Hair only when it is dry, and apply healthy oils. Here are some useful tips for anyone that wants to have long hair.

1. Use Shilajit for hair growth

Shilajit is black resin, which is mined in the mountains. It is a product that contains a number of vitamins, amino acids, essential oils, and many chemical elements. I think that the efficiency of Shilajit can be compared with the most expensive salon procedures for hair care.

I used it constantly and noted the accelerated growth of hair and a significant improvement of its quality. Add 1/4 sp. of Shilajit to some shampoo which you are going to apply to your wet hair. Use the amount of shampoo equal to a nickel.

Don't worry about the smell: as soon as you apply your favorite hair conditioner, it will go away. Normally, Shilajit masks are done once a week. For medicinal purposes, apply them two times a week to make your hair grow faster, and in three or four weeks you will notice soft fluff that will eventually turn into curvy thick curls. eight masks are sufficient, and for the treatment, it will be necessary to perform the procedure 15 times. After a two-month break, the course can be repeated.

2. Nicotinic acid in ampoules

It perfectly moisturizes hair, strengthens the roots, stops hair loss, improves blood circulation, eliminates dandruff, and enhances hair growth. Use one ampoule daily for 30 days to increase the volume of your hair, then take a break for one month and continue the treatment for two more months.

Open the ampoule right before applying the liquid on your scalp; do the procedure every evening.

After applying, massage your head with fingers. Before the procedure, wash your hair and let them dry. Do not wash your hair after applying the nicotinic acid. I was able to grow 2.5 cm for one month, but be sure that you do it daily and do not skip a single day.

3. Use some green tea with milk

The best relaxing procedure to grow beautiful natural hair is to use green tea with milk. Green tea nourishes the scalp and strengthens the hair follicles. Possessing an antibacterial effect, it also restores the shine of the hair. Just prepare a glass of warm water, put some green tea in it, wait for two or three minutes, and then add a tablespoon of warm milk.

This combination will make the hair extremely soft and shiny. Take a wooden chopstick, which Asians use for food, and put a small cotton pad on its end. Comb your hair as usual, and then put the chopstick, with the cotton pad on it, into the glass. As soon as the pad becomes wet with the liquid, put the chopstick on your parting and rub the cotton end over your scalp for three times.

Making new partings, repeat the procedure until your scalp over the whole head is fully saturated. Perform the relaxing procedure once a week for two months. Then take a break for one month and repeat again. Remember that your hair should be clean and dry before the beginning.

Now, here are three don’ts:

  • Do not wash your hair after the procedure.
  • Do not rub one place of your scalp for more than three times.
  • Do not be in a hurry; make the process a real relaxing procedure.