Courage is magic. If you think an individual cannot affect history remember Rosa Parks. Behind every historical change for the good, there is a person. Rosa Parks did not cause the civil rights movement to be born. It was as old as the slavery that caused it. But her act of courage was what was needed to galvanize the movement. From the time she refused to move to the back of the bus in Montgomery to now, she will be remembered as the courageous woman who ignored her own safety and security to say "no." A similar action has been needed to break the dam on the Russia matter.

That action may have just taken place.

Josh Campbell is a seasoned veteran of the FBI. He has resigned to join those of us who are fighting to see values honored. These values include tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy. These action values rest on freedom, love, and justice. No one is above these values. None can defy them without being on the wrong side of history. We are all fallible but we are not all without courage and the independence to choose what is right.

Going forward

The Russia matter is the question of what trump's relation to Russia has been and how it relates to his behavior as president. A triadic take on this would be to say do not take sides. Allow the investigation to proceed and let the chips fall where they may.

But the actions of the president have precluded this sane and reasonable course. He has turned a triadic process into a binary war.

There are people who purport to be rational who have insisted that Mr.Trump is being wronged in this process. But if that is so it should come out in a clean bill of health from the work of Robert Mueller.

Waging attacks from the very start as Trump has done is what card players call a tell. It tells us that is not how innocent persons behave.


Now reality is all and we are in an atmosphere of heavy partisanship where a reasonable voice is not going to win, any more than it won in Germany in the 1930s. So the premium must be on fighting a good fight.

Triadic Philosophy would have stood for nonviolence in the 1930s as it does now. But it would condemn Trump's actions and expressions while at the same time seeking to recognize that underneath all of his exterior acts there is a human being who is as precious as anyone including Rosa Parks and Josh Campbell.

The values speak against Trump's statements and deeds. Tolerance has suffered documentable attacks. If helpfulness is meant for all and if it relies on education and enablement fairly distributed, Trump can be shown to have skewered things to favor some and deny others. If democracy is a universal charter of rights and the Rule Of Law, Trump has proved to be an opponent of it.

But these are merely the surface problems.


The doorway to goodness is justice and we lodge justice in the sanctity and rule of law. Trump has set himself above it. Like his predecessors, he has used lies and fear to stoke cowardice and denial of the truth. If the dam does not break we are all in deep trouble.