Triadic Philosophy is all for virtues if they are on the side of the better values. You do not want to honor thievery. You do not want to give a prudence award to someone who spends madly. And today you want to think before you award any merit badges for courage. Courage is only virtuous when it serves universal values like tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy.

It's courageous when you stand up for someone who is being mistreated because they are part of a racial group or from a particular part of the world. It's brave to offer help to those who are reviled and ignored.

It's democratic to extend rights to those whose rights have been denied. You can compile your own list of those who deserve awards for being tolerant, helpful and democratic.


The reason today is important is that a choice is being forced on all Americans. But you can be assured that it is a choice that is divisive and what I call binary. It is based on divisiveness itself. The choice is to honor and support a president who is lying to the American people but who has the power to sway the minds of millions to believe that he speaks nothing but the truth. Those like myself who have looked at things for a long time and watched the behavior of good and evil as it courses through events have little trouble figuring out which side to be on.

We side with tolerance against trump.

We side with helpfulness against Trump. We side with democracy against Trump.

We side with non-idolatry and against the president. The president wants us to idolize him and see him as America. That is an egotism we cannot afford. It is idolatry. He wants us to side with him against immigrants and prisoners and followers of various faiths.

We won't. He wants to cut things like education and opportunity for all but a select few. We want education and enablement for all.

We find his position intolerable and want him gone.


Why is courage involved? For the same reason, it was needed in Germany when millions were mesmerized into silent acquiescence as a dictator arranged a situation where he controlled the law. This is what Trump has attempted to do.

Wherever a dictatorship exists, the law can be abused with impunity and the people are less and less free. That means that they are dying spiritually. Courage must speak out against this. It must insist that to be a good citizen is to oppose this man.It is not to be on the left or right but above, transcending the petty bickering and childish back and forth.

Today calls for courage. Only courage will win the battle now.