The notion that all is everything is among the earth-shaking ideas of Triadic Philosophy. It is really quite simple. There is no reality and unreality. There is no real and unreal. Everything is all there is. What we don't see or know is part of it. What we cannot access but the sense is there is part of it. And for purposes of this article, Metaphysics and science are part of it too. Metaphysics is not something that is beyond the purview of science. In fact, Triadic Philosophy would be perfectly happy to be seen as both metaphysical and scientific.

Science measures things in laboratories. Everything that we can express or act upon is measurable, Information is part of the all. Metaphysics is a spectrum of suppositions that are part of reality. What does this mean? In Triadic Philosophy it means everything. Consider this Progress is measurable. We are just at the start of being able to achieve incredible results. We know things that can be used to show that what we do is a massive influence on how things occur. We can measure almost anything.

Values are real

Now consider us as actors, performers, doers on the stage of history. All of us act on things that are, in yesterday's vocabulary, metaphysical. If I act on tolerance or helpfulness or democracy I am acting on things I regard as ontological.

They are generals. They are universal values. And yes, they are real. They are part of the all. How is that so?

When I consciously decide on an action, say to help someone in need, that thought does not come out of nowhere. It links to an intention and the intention may well be an action or expression that creates a bit of progress somewhere.

When a thought leads to action the binary distinction between metaphysics and science is obliterated.


A truly holistic future will recognize the huge energy boost that comes when we see that we are not condemned either to what we do not like about science or what we do not like about metaphysics.

We can rest easy with the thought that we are the ones who pick and choose among a multiplicity of signs to construct what will represent ourselves.

Metaphysics is a valid field as is science but to regard them as opposites is to tear reality in two. This is what our current politics does. This is what philosophy does when it fails to see the signs of the times. Our time is different than the last two thousand years has been. Triadic Philosophy is all about making the transition of this century one of which we can be proud. We will have learned to live under the guidance of universal values that serve all people.