It seems almost ironic that fictional heroes can in some way promote actual good in our society, but that is exactly what we have seen. Pop culture has recently become dominated by the once niché 'nerd audience' which has completely changed the way we view the genre. This is no different from what it used to be, as superheroes' origins in comic books always had good underlying messages, which is why we need them now more than ever.

Comic book agenda

Even in their humble beginnings in the pulps and comic book publications, superheroes have always been connecting with the young in an attempt to promote a healthy lifestyle and mindset.

A classic example of this is the rather peculiar but welcomed deviation in 'The Green Arrow' storyline to promote awareness of drug use. In the arc called 'Snowbirds Don't Fly' we see the protagonist's ward Roy Harper (also known as 'Speedy') begin to steal from 'The Green Arrow' in order to fuel his drug addiction.

The Comic Book sheds light on the vulnerability of the youth and the effect that drugs have on you, and also on the people around you. It was created to help bring awareness to the emerging drug culture at the time, which was prevalent in the media. The smart minds at DC Comics realized that their target demographic was primarily in the age range that was being ravaged by drug abuse.

Which leads me into how, in the modern day, we can still use superheroes to help better ourselves.

Continuing the trend

It is important that we always spread messages of positivity and wellness to the youth of society, as they are still within their formative years. This means that their behavior and mindset now will be crucial in their development as an adult.

Ensuring that they have a decent upbringing could be seen as the parent's job, but we all know that most of what makes us - us, comes from the media we consume.

As stated earlier, comic book culture has transitioned into the mainstream, and it is no longer a shameful thing to admit that you are a fan of animated shows, comic books, or superheroes.

With such a broad demographic now being reached, it is more important than ever that a good message is spread into the media we consume. There have been some recent productions that stand out as perfect examples of how superheroes have profoundly affected society.

Modern day examples

Recently, Marvel's 'Black Panther' broke records; not just at the Box Office, but in cinematic history for its focus on the promotion of ethnical diversity within the dominantly white mainstream. The effect of 'Black Panther' has been seen all over social media, with people taking to Twitter and Instagram to share their experiences at the film's premiere.

The fans have shared their thoughts and feelings, with many saying that there was an overwhelming sense of inspiration and empowerment felt.

Messages such as community, family, inner strength, and respect were highlighted throughout the film and its messages like these that we need to ensure make it into all media consumed by young people.

Another great example from DC Comics' cinematic universe was 2016's spectacular 'Wonder Woman' which took many people by surprise as to how amazing it was. Again, the responses on social media from women around the world stating that the sense of empowerment the film gave them just highlights the effectiveness of the genre, not just for the youth of this generation, but also the general majority of society.