Well, well, well, it looks as though we have found who the real ruler of the Carter home is, that would be "the" eldest daughter of Jay-Z and Beyoncé who was photographed seated between her superstar parents during Sunday’s telecast enjoying the show. Although Beyoncé and Jay-Z may seem like the coolest parents on planet earth, they still manage to embarrass the little 6-year-old.

Why did Blue Ivy shush her famous parents?

As singer Camilo Cabello ushered U2 to the stage, Blue appeared to shush her parents from clapping ‘too loudly.’ blue ivy took charge at the Grammy 2018 and ordered her famous parents to ‘chill out’ as they clapped enthusiastically by her side.

The clip of her stopping her parents from clapping has gone viral as fans are so thrilled by her behavior.

Even though Beyoncé was being bossed about by her 6-year-old daughter, the mother-of-three still managed to look very fierce as can be as she sat cross-legged in her dramatic custom gown by Nicholas Jabra, which she paired with an Alain Mikel glasses and a black hat, which obscured the view of those sitting behind her. But since it’s Beyoncé I’m sure they wouldn’t mind at all. To show who's the boss, the music icon wore $6.9 million worth of jewelry.

Did Jay-Z win any award?

Despite being the most nominated at the Grammy 2018, Jay-Z still went home empty-handed, capping off a bad weekend for the rapper that included a highly publicized feud with the President of the United States of America Donald Trump.

Jay-Z has had a very complicated relationship with the show (he boycotted for Beyoncé to be nominated for the award show because he knew Beyoncé deserved the recognition until finally, they did his bidding by nominating her for the award show.)

At an interview on Saturday in preparation for the award show, “I realized that art is super-subjective.

The academy consists of humans like us, and they are voting on the things they like. And we can pretend we really don’t care, when in fact we really do” Jay-Z said.

Meanwhile, though the award show was politics-free, there were still some moments stars tried to share lights on what they don’t agree with as regards to Donald Trump’s government such as when stars like Camilo Cabello and Logic showed their support for immigration, while Trevor Noah shed light on when the White House did not include Donald Trump.

But in general, it was a fantastic night, and we are sure everyone had a wonderful time!