When you were a little kid you may have sensed that God was watching you. Maybe you are an atheist, but I am talking about thoughts that come up regardless. My point is that in a quantum universe what we say and do can go anywhere and most likely does.

We register on the scales of reality the way atoms and lesser items somehow travel in what we call space. We have power even when we are mindless. What we do matters regardless.

We can almost see it. Things we do and say have a resonance that may be entirely different than our sense of them. There is no telling what a reaction might be well beyond our capacity to see or hear of know.


This is all preparing for the introduction of the third stage of Triadic thinking. It begins with your coming up with a sign from Reality. It continues when you submit that sign to universal values, Ethics. The third stage of the thought process is Aesthetics.

If you thought aesthetics was the academy, it isn’t. If you thought it was the Art World, you are wearing blinders. If you think aesthetics, beauty and truth have everything to do with your expressions and your conduct. Welcome to reality.

Yes, aesthetics is now officially rescued from the ghettoes of the academy and the art world and positioned properly as the third step in the process of triadic thinking. Triadic thinking will save the world.

It will get rid of violence and useless conflict. It is beautiful.

Our actions and expressions

Aesthetics is the acts and expressions of everyone on the planet. This is true whether we know it or not. It is what goes on in slaughterhouses and what goes on in effete penthouses.

It is what the president tweets. It is what anyone draws, or says, or does.

It is all there is. Everything is perceived and registered on a scale that has beauty, truth, and love at the top and descends through levels of goodness to levels of harm. When it gets to the horrible bottom it is the most extreme ugliness you can imagine.

Our culture is a horrendously revealing index of ugliness masquerading as truth, the way things are, cleverness, smarts, whatever.

I am not saying everything should be Pollyanna. I am saying if you want to deal with evil get Stanley Kubrick to direct it.


Aesthetics is ultimately the death of violence. It is the triumph of human imagination. It is the window to a reality that can encompass a freedom that is freely focused on what upbuilds, not what destroys.

The ultimate notion if heaven is unification. We have glimpses of it here. That we can be at once individual and unified is a sign of a future in which aesthetics has become the conscious property of each living being.