Jesus is the mind behind Triadic Philosophy. I am not talking about the person described as sitting at the right hand of the deity. I am talking about the author of the Lord’s Prayer, which contains the values implicitly.

The prayer hallows the name of Abba, a friend and helper. It speaks of heaven and earth becoming more and more alike. It suggests all be fed. It says we must forgive to receive Abba’s forgiveness.

Jesus revolutionizes theology by choosing the name Abba, a familiar and loving father who is near. We can converse with Abba. He is the one to whom this universal prayer is addressed.


Triadic Philosophy is an effort to be authoritative for every living person on the planet. No religion can rule the world. The ethic rising from the Lord’s Prayer is not the Ethics of most Christianity.

Most churches do not say the teaching of Jesus is nonviolence and equality. But Jesus did. The churches today are professional concerns with a truncated gospel.

Triadic alternative

The world today is binary and divided. It is a place of massive wealth and massive poverty. A triadic world says we are responsible and we can overcome if we follow the right values.

A triadic world says values lead and no nation should make war. Indeed, all violence must diminish and eventually disappear.

We are at an end.

We must start over. We must reject violence and accept economic justice.

We need changes in our corporate ventures. Democracy will rid us of dictators. Tolerance can be taught in schools. Helpfulness can be a universal basis of honor and distinction.

We can build from the bottom up a world of safe and sharing communities.


The Authority question can have only one answer. Reality is the authority. Reality is everything including nature, us, and the cosmos.

In our world truth is reality. Truth is beauty and beauty is truth.

Facts are true.

The authority of triadic philosophy is that it works. It is a universal discipline aimed toward good. Its authority is deeds and expressions. It is fallible but it continues.


Winning in triadic philosophy is gaining self-control. It is transcending age, race, and all other divisions. It is overcoming evils that lead to conflict. It is slow but sure progress.

We do move slowly forward. We advance further generation by generation, century by century. We merely do the things Jesus meant. We are never far from the realm of Abba.

Ideally, all religions will move to universal tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy. They will still be vital centers of gathering. They will not seek to divide or idolize the principalities and powers.