Triadic Ethics is about making us decent human beings. This isn’t rocket science. It’s common sense.

Triadic ethics champions three universal values: tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy. These words are key terms in a daily affirmation. All conscious actions can be passed through these terms with profit.

Each of these terms is an umbrella. Tolerance covers flexibility, sensitivity and strength. Helpfulness embraces a helping hand, education and enabling. Democracy includes lawful government, universal human rights, and equality.

Values not virtues

Triadic understanding goes with the values mentioned above. Aristotle based ethics on virtues. He tied them to character.

Character is continually subject to change. Values are an anchor that can find a home in us. They can come alive in season and out.

The values of triadic thinking create tolerant persons, a helping society, and democracy for all. Their time has come. Virtues are an add-on, triadic values raise us all.

Believe it or not

Triadic thinking says some things are true whether we believe them or not. Like evil is harm, good is reducing harm. Like we possess conscience and consciousness.

Other truths include: Progress is real and depends on us. Freedom is our ability to choose.

We are a spectrum not a fixed character.

The world moves by acts and expressions. If our ethics are not progressive, conflict is inevitable. We are meant to move to nonviolence.

Good moves toward Truth And Beauty through the exercise of freedom, love, and justice. Evil is a descent into harm and hurt both of self and others.

Ethics as index

Ethics is the second term in the triad Reality Ethics Aesthetics. The triad is a progression from sign through the index to and through symbol. These terms are drawn from the thought of Charles Sanders Peirce.

Triadic Philosophy says that all people will benefit from a move from binary to triadic thinking. It is the only way ethics can become a natural part of one’s life.

We already have universal values inside us, but we need to be aware of them.

Consciousness is awareness. We are one with all that is, with reality. We believe that reality moves in the direction of the good.

Moving to aesthetics

Once we pass through ethics and remind ourselves of tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy, we are ready to move to aesthetics. This the remarkable, indeed revolutionary, thrust of triadic understanding.

Why did Mao and the US fail in their several efforts to create a cultural revolution and move a bit toward heaven on earth? Because heaven is truth and beauty, love and justice. It is the universal aesthetic realm.

We move now in that post-violent direction. We understand the happy unity we can surmise when we go triadic. It is the DIY spirituality that can and will save the world.