Internet memes come and go. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're dumb, and sometimes they go viral and spread across the internet like wildfire. It's a lottery as to what will be popular and what will not. What is known is that once a meme goes viral, it's reach would seem to know no bounds.

In some cases, internet fads can be dangerous, or even deadly. This new one falls into that category. The "No Lacking Challenge" is a disturbing new meme that is already gaining popularity among the inner cities across the United States. The game is to approach friends or complete strangers, pull your gun on them and check to see if they are also carrying their gun.

How would this ever seem like a good idea?

(The "No Lacking Challenge" in action).

It doesn't take long to realize how a game like this can go tragically wrong. As seen in a few of the clips, some unsuspecting people truly felt like they were about to get shot. In a city like Chicago, where the murder rate is the country's highest, that fear can be enough for someone to react with deadly force to protect themselves.

There is also the issue of the number of people openly brandishing illegal firearms online. It is only a matter of time until some of these participants are arrested and the very footage that they shot, to be funny, used against them and resulting in lengthy prison sentences. There's honestly not one positive thing that can come from playing a game like this.

Only in Chicago

There is a reason that Spike Lee made a documentary detailing Chicago's Gun Violence epidemic and called it "Chiraq." Comparing one of America's biggest and most popular cities to the war in Iraq was upsetting to many Americans. How could a city in this country be anything like one in a war-ravaged nation? The first half of 2017 saw well over 300 murders by guns in Chicago.

The city is on pace to top over 700 murders again once the final numbers are tallied. Compared to Iraq, that will be more than the total number of soldiers killed since 2009.

The city is gripped with gang violence and a lost youth that is quick to pick up a gun to solve any situation. Videos and games like these are only fueling that madness as just about every scenario in the videos could have ended with one or more people accidentally and needlessly shot.

The more this trend spreads, the more likely it is that someone will die. It is a shame that that's what it takes to get noticed online these days, but that seems to be the world we find ourselves living in.