Donald Trump is so delusional that he believes he can say what is truly in his heart while in a meeting with men that look like him. Number 45 continues to show us who he really is but for some reason, many White House Republicans keep trying to cover for him. On Thursday the president let it be known that he prefers Norwegian refugees over those who hail from Africa and Haiti. In other words, he will welcome white people but rejects those who are brown and black. Thankfully, one senator, Dick Durbin, was not afraid to tell the truth, and acknowledged that Trump said something in line with what he has been accused of being.

The man is a racist and his supporters need to own it because there is no turning back now.

Americans must stop Donald Trump

In November Trump supporters said those who were upset that he won the election were jealous that it was not Hilary. They also said some people were mad that Barak Obama was no longer in office. These individuals did not understand that black and brown Americans could see what was coming. When you have dealt with racism your entire life you become sensitive to the winks and nods that people like number 45 believe they can get away with. Some U.S.citizens understood that life would be made difficult for women, People Of Color, and the LBGTQ community.

When the Donald began showing us who he really is his supporters made excuses even after the white nationalists caused problems in Charlottesville.

Unprecedented numbers of White House officials have left Capitol Hill or have been fired, and still, there are Americans who continue to chant "give him a chance." In the one year since he was sworn into office, all number 45 has done is show us how truly intolerant he really is. It is time for the Evangelical Christians and weak conservatives to acknowledge that they elected a madman and join those who want to stop this president from doing any more damage.

Number 45 is increasing racism

Donald Trump is single-handedly causing racism to increase, and Chris Cuomo said that schoolyard bullies are even quoting the president. The fact that so many Republicans are trying to water down what Number 45 is saying is very telling of them as well. At a time when they should admit that this president is out of order and needs to be removed from office they make excuses for his bad behavior.

Some even joke that others say the same things as the president behind closed doors.

The leader of the free world is not at liberty to say whatever he chooses just because he is in a closed-door atmosphere with other white males like himself. For Number 45 to do so indicates that he believes others hold his racist views and their defending him indicates that they very well may. This is a slap in the face to all people of color and needs to be stopped. It's time to invoke the 25th amendment and get this man out of the White House.